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handbook Weed Control Methods Handbook:
Tools and Techniques for Use in Natural Areas
Authors: Mandy Tu, Callie Hurd, & John M. Randall
-Version date: April 2001-

File downloads
The handbook can be downloaded section by section or as a single zip-file archive. The handbook is available as either a combination of MS Word (.doc) and Excel spreadsheet (.xls) files, or as Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf).

Introductory Material
Title Page/Table of Contents, 2 pages. (Word, 1.4MB | Acrobat, 0.4MB) --June 2003
Introduction, 3 pages. (Word, Acrobat) -- June 2003

Chapter 1 - Manual and Mechanical Techniques, 7 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Chapter 2 - Grazing, 6 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Chapter 3 - Prescribed Fire, 9 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- June 2003
Chapter 4 - Biocontrol, 24 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- June 2003
Chapter 5 - Guidelines for Herbicide Use, 18 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- June 2003
Chapter 6 - Herbicide Properties, 13 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Chapter 7 - The Herbicides
Herbicide Table, 4 pages. (Excel | Acrobat)
A: 2,4-D, 10 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
B: Clopyralid, 6 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
C: Fluazifop-p-butyl, 6 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
D: Fosamine Ammonium, 6 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
E: Glyphosate, 10 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- November 2001
F: Hexazinone, 10 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
G: Imazapic, 7 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- January 2004
H: Imazapyr, 7 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- June 2004
I: Picloram, 9 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
J: Sethoxydim, 5 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
K: Triclopyr, 8 pages. (Word | Acrobat) -- December 2003
Chapter 8 - Adjuvants, 24 pages. (Word | Acrobat) November 2005

Appendix 1 - PVC applicator, 2 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Appendix 2 - Spot-burning, 4 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Appendix 3 - How to read a pesticide label, 4 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Appendix 4 - How pesticides are regulated in the U.S., 2 pages. (Word | Acrobat)
Appendix 5 - List of Personal Contacts, 1 page. (Word, Acrobat)
Appendix 6 - List of state regulatory agencies, 11 pages. (Word, Acrobat) -- June 2003

Zipped Version of the Whole Handbook
Click to download MS Word/Excel version (doc,xls, 1.9MB): zip file
Click to download Adobe Acrobat version (pdf, 1.2MB): zip file
--More instructions are in the Q&A section, below.

PDF Version of the Whole Handbook
This version is particularly handy, as it includes all the chapters stitched together into a single file, and the table of contents is clickable and linked to the separate chapters. Slick!
Click to download Adobe Acrobat Version (1.4MB): pdf file

Questions and Answers about the Handbook

Q: Can I give you suggestions on the handbook?
A: Please do. We will incorporate your comments into the handbook as appropriate. Please send your suggestions to our team at bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu.

Q: Can I distribute copies of the handbook to my class, office, or program?
A: Absolutely. We are providing the handbook free of charge. You may not, however, sell the handbook to realize a profit.

Q: Can I republish parts of the handbook?
A: While you can quote portions of the handbook like any publication, you may not reproduce large portions of it in your own publication.

Q: How do I note the handbook in a bibliography?
A: You can use the following:
Tu, M., Hurd, C., & J.M. Randall, 2001. Weed Control Methods Handbook, The Nature Conservancy, http://tncinvasives.ucdavis.edu, Version: April 2001.

Q: Can you send or sell me a printed copy of the handbook?
A: No, we do not have the resources to print and distribute copies of the handbook.

Q: Will you publish the handbook as a hardcopy book?
A: Perhaps, if there is enough demand to do this, and we can recover the costs through sales, donations, etc.

Q: Will you produce an html version for web browsing?
A: We thought so originally, but the problems of keeping this updated in parallel with the doc/pdf version is just too much of a bother.

Q: Will you update this with a new version?
A: We will do what is necessary to keep the document current. For example, we update the chapters from time to time, which is why the version date in some chapters may be more recent than the entire document's publication date.

Q: How do I open the zipped version of the handbook I downloaded?
A: You will need a program like WinZip to open Zip archives. WinZip is reliable and bugless, and evaluation versions (for Win95/98/2000/Me/NT, etc.) can be downloaded from http://www.winzip.com/. The program costs about $35 or less.

Q: Why do you have so much information on herbicides?
A: We feel that the issues related to the use of herbicides have been inadequately addressed for wildland managers. We wanted our handbook to discuss these issues in detail.

Invasive plant management
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Invasive animal & pathogen management
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Tool reviews
Read our reviews of hardware that are useful for those working in invasive species management.

Other site resources

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A fully-integrated hardware and software application for mapping invasives and tracking management actions.
Remote sensing
A review of remote sensing technology, as applied to invasive species detection and mapping.
Photography archive
One of the largest collections of photographs of invasive species (mostly plants) available on the web.
Red Alerts!
Species which are either new to an area, or are showing alarming symptoms such as signs of signicant, new expansion.
Templates and examples
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Join our listserve to voice your frustrations and trumpet your successes.
Volunteer coordination and public outreach
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