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Image Archive

Below is a complete inventory of the weed photographs on the GIST web site. These photos are property of the photographers that took them, and not of The Nature Conservancy; the photographers have granted the Global Invasive Species Team free use of the images on the GIST web site only.

After each photo name and description is the name of the photographer. We use the following codes for our staff:
JMR= John M. Randall
BAR= Barry A. Rice
MT= Mandy Tu
We can only provide image rights to photographs taken by JMR, BAR, or MT. Contact information for these photographers can be found here.

If you wish to use images owned by any other photographers, you must investigate image rights and restrictions directly with those individuals or organizations.

Image Archive (grouped by genus name)

    Abrus--Cenchrus     Centaurea--Fumaria     Genista--Poa     Polygonum--Zantedeschia    

Animal invaders and pathogens

Who can use these images?
Again, we remind you we do not provide publication rights for any images on our site, to anyone. However, rights for images taken by JMR (John Randall), BAR (Barry Rice), or MT (Mandy Tu) can be obtained from those photographers, although you should be prepared to discuss fees with at least some of them. (Barry Rice, for example, is a photographer specializing in stock plant photography.)

Scientists/educators needing the images for powerpoint displays, poster papers, or other such ephemera for use in classrooms or scientific meetings (but not the world wide web), may use the images for free. Appropriate attribution is necessary, in the following form:
(For John Randall or Mandy Tu):
(c)Photographer name.

(For Barry Rice):
(c)Barry Rice/sarracenia.com

For the Latin-impaired
If you would much rather look for a plant using common names instead of the Latin names, you should look at the "common name search engine." Non-plant invaders are also listed in our management library's "nonplant search engine" on that page.

Image Inventory
Note: Read our disclaimer regarding lists of species on our web site.

Gallery of pests
A rogue's gallery of many of the invasive pests and pathogens that have invaded North America, or that have the potential to do so.
Global weed list
An extraordinary database consisting of invasive plant lists, observations, and publications. Look here to learn if a plant has been observed acting as an invader.

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Updated February 2009
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