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General Info

Why get a free membership?

Invasive.Org is part of the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health’s BugwoodImages. It provides an easily accessible archive of high quality images for use in educational applications. The focus of is on invasive species. Invasive.Org is free of charge and members gain access to additional features for joining.

What it does for MEMBERS

Members want to receive as many benefits as possible. At Invasive.Org, members have numerous benefits and opportunities. Some of these are:

  • Access to the higher resolution images
  • Hundreds of thousands of high quality images at your fingertips
  • Images are reviewed and edited with correct information and citations
  • Ability to construct photo galleries
  • PowerPoint Creation Tool
  • Ability to batch download of images as zip file
  • Opportunity to be a contributing photographer

What it does for PHOTOGRAPHERS

As a member of Invasive.Org, you can also be a contributing photographer to our website. And as a photographer, you are always looking for ways to promote yourself with the least possible cost. Invasive.Org allows you to do this for FREE! Other benefits for photographers include:

  • Ability to build your own collections of images featured on photographer’s profile
  • Unlimited number of picture uploads
  • Photographers retain all rights to their images
  • Free recognition around the world
  • Each photographer can handle their own commercial requests for images
  • Ability to review images and their information online
  • Opportunity for images to be published in magazines, flyers, presentations, etc
  • Photographer statistics on image hits and usage

What it does for US

The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health is grant-funded that utilizes partnerships and information technology to advance invasive species, forestry and agriculture education. Invasive.Org is part of the Center that provides to members educational images at no cost. In order for the Center to continue receiving funds, we must generate documentation to demonstrate continued growth and sufficient usage of Invasive.Org. Therefore, we ask you to become a member of Invasive.Org to enable us to continue to evolve as an educational and service outreach to people around the world.