Terrestrial Plant Invasions in the Temperate South:
The Problem, Consequence, and Taking Control Presentations

Day 1 - Wednesday, June 4

- Dr. Allen Dunn, Associate Dean, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences, Clemson University

Opening Remarks and The Problem
- Larry Nelson and Jim Miller, Clemson University and USDA FS

Invasive Pest Plants: How Did We Get in This Mess?
- Randy Westbrooks, US Geological Survey, Invasive Plant Coordinator

Roles and Responsibilities of the Federal Government - Current and Projected
- Gordon Brown, US Department of Interior, National Invasive Species Council

Roles and Responsibilities of the State Government - Current and Projected
- Turner Odell, Environmental Law Institute

Roles and Responsibilities of Horticulture and Arboriculture Industries - Current and Projected
- Peter White, North Carolina Botanical Garden and UNC-Chapel Hill

Prevalent Invasive Trees and Shrubs
- Jim Miller, USFS

Prevalent Invasive Vines
- Larry Nelson, Clemson University

Prevalent Invasive Grasses, Forbs, and Ferns
- Jim Miller, USFS

The Problems these Species Cause and Ultimate Consequences
- Robert E. Eplee, USDA Retired, and Randy Westbrooks, USDI Geological Survey

Day 2 - Thursday, June 5

Gaining Control: Integrated Vegetation Management Strategies
- David Moorhead, University of Georgia Warnell School of Forest Resources, and Jim Miller, USDA FS

Safe Herbicide Use, Environmental Consequences, and Addressing Social Concerns
- Max Williamson, Environmental Science Consultant

Herbicide Control Treatments for Invasive Vines
- Jim Miller, USDA FA

Herbicide Control Treatments for Invasive Trees and Shrubs
- Max Williamson, Environmental Science Consultant

Herbicide Control Treatments for Grasses and Forbs
- Wilson Faircloth, Departments of Agronomy and Soils, Auburn University

Monitoring and Mapping Invasive Plant Infestations
- John K. Buck, Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Planning and Enacting a Control-Restoration Program
- Lee Patrick, Invasive Plant Control, Inc.

Learning as we control: The use of information networks in invasive management.
- Chuck Bargeron, David Moorhead and Keith Douce The Bugwood Network, The University of Georgia

Where do we go from here?
- Jim Miller, USDA FS