Below is a list of the photographers whose images were used on this DVD-ROM. This does not include all the photographers for each of the included publications, please refer to the individual publications for credits, etc. Many thanks to all the photographers. Most of these images are also available online at:

James R. Allison - Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Robert L. Anderson - USDA Forest Service
Lloyd Andres - USDA Agricultural Research Service
California Department of Food and Agriculture Archive
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Resource Management Archive - USDI National Park Service
Montana Statewide Noxious Weed Awareness and Education Program Archive
Ohio State Weed Lab Archive
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - Forestry Archive
The Dow Gardens Archive
The Nature Conservancy Archive
University of Alaska - Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Archive
University of Idaho Archive
USDA Agricultural Research Service Archive
Utah State University Archive
Washington State University Archive
Jerry Asher - USDI Bureau of Land Management
Mark Atwater - Weed Control Unlimited, Inc.
Stephen Ausmus - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Douglas Barbe - California Department of Food and Agriculture
Chuck Bargeron - University of Georgia
Scott Bauer - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Elizabeth Bella - USDA Forest Service
Vince Belleci
L.L. Berry
Ronald F. Billings - Texas Forest Service
Bernd Blossey - Cornell University
Ted Bodner - Southern Weed Science Society
Nanna Borcherdt - Sitka Conservation Society
Zelimir Borzan - University of Zagreb, Croatia
Sarah Braun - Beaver Creek Reserve
Patrick Breen - Oregon State University
Allen Bridgman - SCDNR
Kerry Britton - USDA Forest Service
Karen Brown - University of Florida
Steve M. Brown - University of Georgia
Charles T. Bryson - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Gary Buckingham - USDA Agricultural Research Service
John D. Byrd - Mississippi State University
Kenneth Calcote - Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
Kim Camilli - Texas Forest Service
David Cappaert - Michigan State University
John Cardina - The Ohio State University
Gerald D. Carr - Carr Botanical Consultation
Richard Carter - Valdosta State University
Richard A. Casagrande - University of Rhode Island
Ted D. Center - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Ken Chamberlain - The Ohio State University
William M. Ciesla - Forest Health Management International
Dan Clark - National Park Service
Dell O. Clark - California Department of Food and Agriculture
Alfred Cofrancesco - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Nancy Coile - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Bill Cook - Michigan State University
Eric Coombs - Oregon Department of Agriculture
G.A. Cooper - USDA-PLANTS Database
Victor Cordova - City of Houston, Urban Forestry Division
Mark Crosby - University of Georgia
Stanley Culpepper - University of Georgia
Randy Cyr - GREENTREE Technologies
Mark Czarnota - University of Georgia
Thomas B. Denholm - New Jersey Department of Agriculture
Steve Dewey - Utah State University
Carol DiSalvo - USDI National Park Service
Faith Duncan - USDA Forest Service
Donna R. Ellis - University of Connecticut
Terry English - USDA APHIS PPQ
Chris Evans - River to River CWMA
Troy Evans
Wendy VanDyk Evans
John W. Everest - Auburn University
Wilson Faircloth - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Amy Ferriter - South Florida Water Management District
Fred Fishel - University of Missouri
Barry Fitzgerald - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Alison Fox - University of Florida
Nancy Fraley - USDI National Park Service
Michael Frank - Galileo Group Inc.
Mark Frey - The Presidio Trust
Dr. Lynn Clark and Anna Gardner - Iowa State University
Elizabeth Goulet - Cornell University
Peggy Greb - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Jenn Grieser - New York City Department of Environmental Protection
William T. Haller - University of Florida
Bonnie Harper-Lore - Federal Highway Administration
Mary Ellen (Mel) Harte
Linda Haugen - USDA Forest Service
Catherine Herms - Ohio State University / OARDC
Tom Heutte - USDA Forest Service
Scott Horn - USDA Forest Service
Steve Hurst - USDA NRCS PLANTS Database
Kris Johnson - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Robert L. Johnson - Cornell University
Mic Julien - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
Loke T. Kok - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Keith Langdon - National Park Service
Ricky Layson - Ricky Layson Photography
Greg Leach - International Paper
Linda Lee - University of South Carolina
Stacey Leicht - University of Connecticut
Brian Lockhart - USDA Forest Service
Chris Lockhart - Florida Natural Areas Inventory
Nancy Loewenstein - Auburn University
Jeffrey W. Lotz - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Steve Manning - Invasive Plant Control, Inc.
George Markin - USDA Forest Service
Rich Mason - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Albert (Bud) Mayfield - Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
Joseph McCauley - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Alec McClay - McClay Ecoscience
Cheryl McCormick - University of Florida
James R. Meeker - USDA Forest Service
Leslie J. Mehrhoff - University of Connecticut
James H. Miller - USDA Forest Service
Carey Minteer - University of Georgia
Robert H. Mohlenbrock - USDA NRCS PLANTS Database
David J. Moorhead - University of Georgia
J. Jeffrey Mullahey - University of Florida
Tim Murphy - University of Georgia
Ann Murray - University of Florida
David Nance - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Fred Nation - Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Jamie Nielsen - University of Alaska Fairbanks, Cooperative Extension Service
Rebecca Norris - USDA APHIS PPQ
Joseph O'Brien - USDA Forest Service
Richard Old - XID Services, Inc.
Katherine Parys - LSU Entomology
Tony Pernas - National Park Service
J. Scott Peterson - USDA NRCS
Todd Pfeiffer - Klamath County Weed Control
USDA ARS Photo Unit - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Herb Pilcher - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Gary L. Piper - Washington State University
Dave Powell - USDA Forest Service
Victor Ramey - University of Florida
John M. Randall - The Nature Conservancy
Johnny Randall - North Carolina Botanical Garden
Jack Ranney - University of Tennessee
Michael Rasy - University of Alaska
Norman E. Rees - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Byron Rhodes - University of Georgia
Barry Rice -
Amy Richard - University of Florida
Bob Richard - USDA APHIS PPQ
Robert J. Richardson - North Carolina State University
Carole Ritchie - USDA NRCS PLANTS Database
Scott Robinson - Georgia Department of Natural Resources
Wilfredo Robles - Mississippi State University
Cindy Roche
James Rollins
Sara Rosenthal - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Philip Rusted - Thurlow Countryside Management
Jan Samanek - State Phytosanitary Administration, Czech Republic
Julia Scher - USDA APHIS PPQ
Howard F. Schwartz - Colorado State University
Michael Shephard - USDA Forest Service
Clinton Shock - Oregon State University
Britt Slattery - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Tracey Slotta - USDA NRCS PLANTS Database
Lynn Sosnoskie - University of Georgia
Forest & Kim Starr - United States Geological Survey
Malcolm Storey - BioImages - Virtual Field-Guide
Kurt Stueber - Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne, Germany
Jil M. Swearingen - USDI National Park Service
Nava Tabak - Invasive Plant Atlas of New England
Dennis Teague - U.S. Air Force
David Teem - Auburn University
Dan Tenaglia -
Barbara Tokarska-Guzik - University of Silesia, Poland
Ian Trueman - University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Mandy Tu - The Nature Conservancy
Charles Turner - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Joy Viola - retired, Northeastern University
Richard Webb - Self-employed horticulurist
Theodore Webster - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Keith Weller - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Randy Westbrooks - U.S. Geological Survey
Phil Westra - Colorado State University
Marisa Williams - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Max Williamson - USDA Forest Service
Wayne Williamson
Linda Wilson - University of Idaho
Gil Wojciech - Polish Forest Research Institute
Paul Wray - Iowa State University
Shep Zedaker - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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