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Invasive and Exotic Species of North America
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Exotic Pests of Eastern Forests

Conference Proceedings - April 8-10, 1997, Nashville, TN

Edited by: Kerry O. Britton

USDA Forest Service & TN Exotic Pest Plant Council

Exotic Pests of Eastern Forests Proceedings - Table of Contents

Biodiversity and The Exotic Species Threat - Peter White
The Exotic Pest Plant Council - Brian Bowen
New Strategies For Weed Prevention - Randy Westbrooks, Lee Otteni, and Robert E. Eplee
Barriers To Exotic Weed Management - Faith Campbell
Beech Bark Disease - David R. Houston
Meteors, Space Aliens, and Other Exotic Encounters - Tom Hofacker
Three American Tragedies: Chestnut Blight, Butternut Canker, and Dutch Elm Disease - Scott Schlarbaum, Frederick Hebard, Pauline C. Spaine, and Joseph C. Kamalay
The Nature Conservancy - Victoria Nuzzo
Global Gypsy - The Moth That Gets Around - William Wallner
The OTA Report On Harmful Nonindigenous Species - Phyllis N. Windle
Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife In North America - Bernd Blossey
Siberian Forest Insects: Ready For Export - Yuri N. Baranchikov
Economic Effects On Invasive Weeds On Land Values - Charles Weiser
Exotic Invasive Plants In Southeastern Forests - James H. Miller
How Illinois Kicked The Exotic Habit - Francis M. Harty
Highway Corridor Responsibility - Bonnie Harper-Lore
Selective Herbicide Applications For Low Impact Vegetation Management Of Exotic Species and Enhancement Of Native Plant Communities - Max Williamson
IPM - How It Works In The Smokies - Kristine D. Johnson
Hands On Exotics - Sandy Bivens
Ecosystem Restoration: A Systems Approach To Exotic Plant Control - Karl D. Smith
Mile-A-Minute Weed In The Northeast - Larry H. McCormick and C. Fagan Johnson, Jr.
Imported Fire Ants In The Southeast - David F. Williams
Natives: New! Better! Improved! - An Outline - Meredith Clebsch
The Minnesota Program: Community Parternships For Effective Pest Control - Thomas G. Eiber
Dogwood Anthracnose - How Collaboration Was Used In The Southern United States To Effectively Deal With A New Tree Disease - Robert L. Anderson
How EXOTIC Does An Exotic Information and Education Initiative About The Impact Of Non-Indigenous Species Need To Be? - William F. Hammond
Monitoring Changes In Exotic Vegetation - Robert D. Sutter
Exotic Insects In North American Forests: Ecological Systems Forever Altered - William J. Mattson
Mangrove Forests: A Tough System To Invade - Ariel E. Lugo
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