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General Info

Using the "Light Box"

The Light Box is used to make image requests and for downloading a group of images. It acts like a “shopping cart” except there is no charge or fee.

To use it:
  1. Log on to our website. Getting a username and password is free. This provides the information to let the photographer know who is requesting the image. If you have not joined the site yet, you can join here.
  2. Find the pictures that you like by searching or browsing our site. See our article for different ways to use the site.
  3. After you have found an image you want to add to your light box, click on the resolution you would like your image to be. You can choose PowerPoint 768 x 512, Small Print 1536 x 1024 or Large Print 3072 x 2048. This is located in the Light Box.
  4. After you click the resolution you want, you can either:
    • Empty Light Box: Here you can empty all of your Light Box images.
    • Continue Searching: This takes you back to your last image, where you can continue searching for images to add to your Light Box.
    • View your Light Box: Here you can view your entire Light Box.
    • Request Use and Download: This takes you to an Image Request Form. Fill out what you intend to use the image for (Personal, Educational or Commercial) and where you intend to use the image (Publication, Website, PowerPoint, Display, etc). You may add additional comments at the bottom and then click the Request Permission button at the bottom. This takes you to the Image Request Details page. Listed is each image you have requested permission for. At the far right is a status column. There are three different statuses:
      1. APPROVED – This means permission has been granted and you can use that image
      2. PENDING – This means the commercial request has been sent to the photographer and approval is has not yet been granted
      3. REJECTED– This means you were not granted permission to use the image
      At the Image Request Details page members may also download their images as either Download Information and Citations in Excel, Download PowerPoint with Images and Citations or Download Images and Citations as ZIP File. Click on the blue link of the download you want and the download will happen automatically.
    • Save to a Collection: Here you can save images to a collection that you create. Name the collection, add a description of the collection and click the Create Collection button at the bottom.

Wherever the images are used, they MUST be properly cited. The citation for each image is available on the individual image pages on our site or you can download the document on the batch download page that lists all of the images and the corresponding information. This document is available as an Excel spreadsheet. For more detailed explanation of the appropriate citations, please see our citation guidelines.

If you selected Educational or Personal, you will receive an email notifying you of the request and all of the requests will be marked as APPROVED.

If you marked Commercial, you will also receive an e-mail confirming your request for permission to use images and the image requests will be marked as APPROVED, PENDING, or REJECTED. Commercial usage permission is left up to the photographer. YOU MUST HAVE CONSENT FROM THE PHOTOGRAPHER TO USE THE IMAGE COMMERCIALLY.

It is the photographer's decision to charge for or allow free use of the image for commercial purposes. The Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health is an educational center at the University of Georgia and does NOT have any role in the negotiation between a photographer and the commercial user; after the request has been made it is up to the photographer to handle the matter as they see fit and sign any contracts relevant to image use.

You may view previous requests, your collections and series under the Your Account tab at the top left of the webpage. This is also where you may re-request an image by viewing it and re-adding it to your Light Box. We caution you to do this on a selective basis. It is not wise to pester the photographer.

Certain photographers have given CISEH the authority to allow commercial use of their images. In these instances, you will be notified via E-mail as to which images may be used. If something more than an e-mail is required for your company to use the image, CISEH will act as the contact for written permission.