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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Do I need permission to use these images?
  2. Photographers who add their images to the BugwoodImages have already given permission for their images to be used for personal or educational use; therefore you DO NOT NEED TO GET ADDITIONAL PERMISSION to use the images.

    However, if the images are being used for COMMERCIAL use, then YES you do need permission to use the images. Even with permission, you still need to cite the image correctly!

    If you are unsure about if your use is personal, educational, or commercial, see our usage guidelines

  3. How do I request permission for commercial use of an image?
  4. To request permission on images being used for commercial use, you use the Light Box. The Light Box acts as a “shopping cart” expect there is no charge or fee. Click here to learn how to get permission for using images.

  5. Will there be a charge for using an image?
  6. No, there will not be a charge for using images on BugwoodImages. However, there may be a cost for images used for commercial use. The photographer is left to make this decision.

  7. Can I add my photos to the site?
  8. Yes you can, but before you are able to upload images onto the BugwoodImages, YOU MUST BE A MEMBER. One of the advantages of being a member is the ability to add images onto the site. Click here to learn more about being a member of BugwoodImages or go striaght to our Join page.

  9. How do I become a member of the site?
  10. Becoming a member of BugwoodImages is quick and easy. Go to this webpage and fill out the membership sign up form. After you have filled out the information, click the Join button at the bottom. After this, you will be a member of BugwoodImages!

  11. What is the lightbox?
  12. The Light Box is used as a “shopping cart” for BugwoodImages. It is used to make image requests and for downloading a group of images. Click here read more about the Light Box.

  13. How do I correctly cite an image?
  14. The correct format for citing a BugwoodImages photo is: Photographer's Name, Organization, An example is:

    Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

    Click here to read more about correctly citing an image and for more examples.

  15. How do I upload my images?
  16. Uploading an image is quick and easy. Click here to learn how to upload images.