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0886054 knapweed root weevil Cyphocleonus achates (Fahraeus, 1842) CABI Biosciences
0886056 knapweed peacock fly Chaetorellia acrolophi White & Marquardt, 1989 CABI Biosciences
0886057 green knapweed clearwing fly Terellia virens (Loew, 1846) CABI Biosciences
0002050 flat-headed shoot fly Platycephala planifrons (Fabricius, 1798) Mark Schwarzlander and Patrick Hafliger
0002040 univoltine weevil Ceutorhynchus roberti Gyllenhal, 1837 Hariet Hinz and Ester Gerber
0002041 univoltine root mining weevil Ceutorhynchus scrobicollis Nerensheimer & Wagner, 1924 Hariet Hinz and Ester Gerber
0002043 flea beetle Phyllotreta ochripes (Curtis, 1837) Hariet Hinz and Ester Gerber
1416044 weevil Rhinusa neta (Germar, 1821) C. Paetel
0002042 univoltine weevil Ceutorhynchus constrictus (Marsham, 1802) Hariet Hinz and Ester Gerber
1416046 toadflax seed weevil Rhinusa antirrhini (Paykull, 1800) C. Paetel
0886038 puccinia rusts Puccinia spp. Pers. Richard Shaw