Setaria faberi Herrm.
Synonym(s): Japanese bristlegrass, Chinese foxtail, Chinese millet, giant bristlegrass, nodding foxtail

Giant foxtail is an annual grass that can reach 2-5 ft. (0.61-1.5 m) in height. Leaves are up to 16 in. (41 cm) long, 0.6-1 in. (15-25 mm) wide with small hairs covering the top of the leaves. Flowering occurs in late summer to early fall, when a green (eventually straw colored), bristly inflorescence develops. The inflorescence resembles a foxtail, hence the common name. Giant foxtail is native to Asia and was accidentally introduced in the United States in the 1920s as a contaminant of other grain. Plants invade disturbed sites such as roadsides, landfills, fence rows and right of ways.

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