strawberry guava USDA PLANTS SYMBOL: PSCA
Psidium cattleianum Sabine
Synonym(s): cattley guava, cherry guava, Chinese guava, kuahpa, purple guava, purple strawberry guava

Psidium cattleianum is an evergreen tree/shrub. Trees can grow from 30-40 ft. (9.1-12.2 m) tall and have reddish, flaky bark.
Leaves are opposite, oblong, glossy, entire and up to 3 in. (7.6 cm) long.
Flowering occurs year-round. Flowers are white, 1 in. (2.5 cm) wide, with 4-5 petals and many stamens. Flowers can occur singly, or in groups of three, in the axils of the leaves.
Fruits are dark red, edible and golf ball-sized.
Ecological Threat
Psidium cattleianum tends to form dense, monotypic stands which prevent regrowth of native species, and is very difficult to eradicate. As an invasive species, it is sometimes erroneously called Chinese guava.

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