Hesperis matronalis L.
Synonym(s): dame's rocket, dames violet, mother-of-the-evening

Damesrocket is an herbaceous, biennial forb that grows up to 4 ft. (1.2 m) in height. It is often mistakenly planted in native wildflower mixes. Its alternate leaves are broadly lanceolate and sessile or born on short petioles. Leaves are 2-6 in. (5-15 cm) long and hairy. The showy, fragrant flowers vary in color from white to purple or pink and develop in the late spring. Flowers develop in clusters on 3 ft. (1 m) tall stalks. Habitats invaded include open woodlands, prairies, roadsides, ditches, and other disturbed areas. Damesrocket was introduced from Europe as an ornamental around the time of European settlement. It continues to be widely used as an ornamental and can be found throughout North America.

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