yellow starthistle USDA PLANTS SYMBOL: CESO3
Centaurea solstitialis L.
Synonym(s): yellow star thistle, yellow star-thistle, golden starthistle, yellow cockspur, St. Barnaby's thistle

This annual plant can grow 0.25-3 ft. (0.07-0.9 m) in height.
Leaves that are located near the base are petiolate, dissected, 2-6 in. (5-15.2 cm) long. These certain leaves are normally absent during the time of flowering. Leaves further up the stem are 0.4-4 in. (1-10 cm) long.
Flowering occurs from June-October. Yellow flowers appear in heads at the tips of the branches. Bracts that extend the flower head have a small cluster of spines.
This seed type represents between 10 and 25% of the total seed and often remains in the seed-heads until late fall or winter. The central flowers produce glossy, gray, or tan to mottled cream-colored and tan seeds with a short, stiff, unequal, white pappus 0.08-0.2 in. (2-5 mm) long.
Ecological Threat
Centaurea solstitialis invades woodlands, fields, pastures and roadsides.

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