Populus alba L.

White poplar is a tree that can grow 40-80 ft. (12.2-24.4m) tall and 40-50 ft. (12.2-15.2 m) wide. The bark on young trees is smooth and greenish white becoming gray and wrinkled, as trees age. The leaves resemble maple leaves, but the topside of leaves are shiny, dark green while the underside is bright white and hairy. Leaves are 2-4 in. (5.1-10.2 cm) long. Flowers are inconspicuous and develop in slim, cylindrical flower clusters (catkins) before the leaves develop. Fruit are small, hairy seed pods that are spread by wind. Branches are susceptible to breakage when under stress, such as heavy snow or ice. Trees produce prolific rootsprouts. White poplar is native to Eurasia and grows best in full sun.

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