largeleaf lantana USDA PLANTS SYMBOL: LACA2
Lantana camara L.
Synonym(s): lantana, largeleaf lantana

Lantana camara is a perennial shrub that can grow from 6-15 ft. (1.8-4.6 m).
Leaves are ovate and opposite along the square stem. Stems and leaves emit an unpleasant “spicy” smell when crushed.
Flowers are colorful, tubular, 4-petaled and occur nearly all year long. Flowers can be orange, pink or white with different colored flowers occurring in the same cluster.
Fruits are small, round drupes, green to black and shiny and contain 2 seeds.
Ecological Threat
Lantana camara is native to Central and South America and occurs in open to partly shaded moist areas. It was introduced into the United States in the 1800s and is still sold as an ornamental for landscaping. May be confused with threatened native species with which it readily hybridizes.

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