coral ardisia USDA PLANTS SYMBOL: ARCR80
Ardisia crenata Sims
Synonym(s): hen's eyes, coralberry

Coral ardisia is a small shrub that ranges from 2-6 ft. (0.6-1.8 m) in height. The evergreen leaves are leathery, dark-green and 4-8 in. (10-20 cm) long. The flowers are inconspicuous, pink to white and develop in the late spring and early summer. Fruit are persistent, deep red berries. The seeds are easily spread by birds. Coral ardisia thrives in shade and deep, rich soil, but can survive in any non-saturated soil. This plant is a native of Southeast Asia and was introduced into Florida as an ornamental around 1900. Coral ardisia does not fare well in cold areas, as a hard freeze will kill the plant.

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