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Proceedings of the X International Symposium on Biological Control of
Weeds - July 4-14, 1999

Edited by:
Neal RSpencer -
Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A., 2000.

Session 13: Implementation of Weed Biocontrol in Integrated Crop Production and Conservation Management.

Refereed Papers

Complications in the Implementation of Weed Biocontrol.
     Hoffmann J.H.

Emphasizing Behavioural Host-Range: The Key to Resolving Ambiguous Host-Specificity Results on Lantana camara L.
     Baars J.R.

Factors Influencing the Biological Control of Lantana camara in Australia and South Africa.
     Day M.Dand Neser S.

The Biological Control Program Against Gorse in New Zealand.
     Hill R.L., Gourlay A.H., Fowler S.V.

The Potential Role of Bruchophagus acaciae (Cameron) (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) in the Integrated Control of Acacia Species in South Africa.
     Hill R.L., Gordon A.J., Neser S.

Growth Suppression of Annual Weeds by Deleterious Rhizobacteria Integrated with Cover Crops.
     Kremer R.J.

Biological Control of Alien, Invasive Pine Trees (Pinus species) in South Africa.
     Moran V.C., Hoffmann J.H., Donnelly D., Van Wilgen B.W., Zimmermann H.G.

The Biocontrol of Gorse, Ulex europaeus, in Chile: A Progress Report.
     Norambuena H., Escobar S., Rodriguez F.


Observations on the Susceptibility of Chrysanthemoides monilifera to Infection by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and Implications for Control of this Weed.
     Cother E.Jand Donnelly D.

• The Importance of Insect ‘Reserves’ in the Biological Control of Hakea sericea in South Africa.
     Gordon A.J.

The Noxious and Nuisance Plant Management Information System (PMIS) and the Aquatic

Plant Information System (APIS).
     Grodowitz, M.J., Whitaker S., Jeffers L., Cofrancesco A.F.

Development of a Bioherbicide for Wild Oats in Australia.
     Hetherington S.Dand Auld B.A.

IWM – The Key to Sustainable Management of Pasture Weeds.
     Huwer R.K., Briese D.T., Sheppard A.W., Woodburn T.L., Lonsdale W.M., Kemp D.R., Dowling P., Michalk D.L.,
     Jacobs B.

Extension Service and Biological Control of Weeds – a Successful Match.
     Jackman J.Aand Knutson A.

Biological Control of Weeds in European Crops: Recent Achievements and Future Work.
     Müller-Schärer H., Scheepens P.C., Greaves M.P.

• Integration of the Flea Beetle, Aphthona nigriscutis, and Herbicides for Control of Leafy Spurge, Euphorbia esula.
     Nelson J.Aand Lym R.G.

Biological Control of Weeds as an Alternative to Methyl Bromide.
     Rosskopf E.Nand Charudattan R.

• The Impact of Parthenium Weed in India and the Development of an Integrated Management Strategy Based on Australian Experiences.
     Seier M.K., Djeddour D., Harvey J., Doraiswamy S., Sreerama Kumar P., Kauraw L.P., Aneja K.R.

• Denotes Oral Presentations

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