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Mandy Tu, Invasives Species Ecologist

Mandy Mandy Tu is an Invasive Species Ecologist with TNC's Global Invasive Species Team. She is based out of TNC's Portland, Oregon office and works as a technical science advisor for invasive species prevention, EDRR and management. Mandy works to build the capacity of TNC country, regional and state programs to address invasive species by providing:
  • Training and learning opportunities for Conservancy staff and partners regarding invasive species management techniques, setting priorities, mapping, monitoring, herbicides, adaptive management etc.,
  • Models and templates of existing invasive species management plans,
  • Review and comments on plans, documents, research programs, or agreements/proposals to make sure they are consistent with current strategies,
  • Review of biological control releases on TNC properties,
  • Resources and contacts with academic researchers/experts, and
  • Share what we are learning from other programs in the field.
As part of her work with the Conservancy, Mandy serves on the steering committees for the Center of Invasive Plant Management, the Western Integrated Pest Management Center, and iMapInvasives, and is adjunct faculty at Portland State University and at Washington State University, Vancouver.

Mandy has a B.S. in Botany from the University of Washington and a Ph.D. in Plant Biology from the University of California at Davis. Mandy likes to botanize, visit tidepools, ride her bike, and play outside in her garden.

If you have any technical questions, needs or suggestions as they relate to invasive species management, I am here to help!

Mandy Tu, Invasive Species Ecologist
Global Invasive Species Team
The Nature Conservancy
821 SE 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97124 USA

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