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An ambrosia beetle - Xylosandrus mutilatus Blandford

- Faith Campbell -
- August 2004 -

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An adult

An ambrosia beetle
In 1999, an ambrosia beetle was detected in Mississippi; after it became more numerous in 2002, it was identified as Xylosandrus mutilatus (T. Hofaker, pers. comm., 2002). The beetle appears to be well established in at least 10 counties in eastern Mississippi, although it has not yet been found in Alabama. The economic and ecological damage that this species may cause is still unknown. In its native Asia, it has a broad host range on hardwood trees and shrubs, including some ornamentals. In addition, many ambrosia beetles indirectly impact host trees by vectoring fungal pathogens (T. Hofaker, pers. comm., 2002).

Hofaker, Thomas. July 2002. USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection, 1601 North Kent Street, Arlington, Virginia 22209, personal communication.

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