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Chilean carpenter worm - Chilecomadia valdiviana Phillippi

- Faith Campbell -
- August 2004 -

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Chilean carpenter worm
The Chilean carpenter worm is found in South America, especially in central to southern Chile and Argentina (USDA APHIS & Forest Service, 2001). The species feeds on various hardwood timber species and fruit trees. In 1992 the pest was observed to attack eucalyptus plantations in Chile (USDA APHIS & Forest Service, 2001). Larvae feed in living trees and bore relatively large holes in the trunk, making them susceptible to wind breakage. Adult moths can fly over considerable distances, and the pest could quickly spread if established. The insect has a long life-cycle, with the larvae taking two or more years to complete development (USDA APHIS & Forest Service, 2001). Transportation of late instar larvae, pupae, and adults to North America within imported logs is considered to be a moderate risk (USDA Forest Service 2001).

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory. 2001. Pest Risk Assessment of the Importation in the United States of Unprocessed Eucalyptus Logs and Chips from South America. General Technical Report FPL-GTR-124. April 2001.

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