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Powerpoint Presentations

Below is a presentation designed to describe the different impacts of invasive species. If you ever wonder why we are concerned about the impacts of invasives, this presentation should answer most of your questions! You can download this presentation and show it to your local garden groups or anyone else interested. You can also preview it by looking at the web version.
Understanding the impacts of invasive plants in natural areas (v. 1.1)
The following presentation was written by John Randall, and was prepared for the web by Tunyalee Martin and Barry Rice. You may preview an on-line web version, or download the presentation as a PowerPoint file.

If you present this PowerPoint show in its entirety, please include the first slide or verbally credit The Nature Conservancy's Wildland Invasive Species Team. If you alter this presentation (by either adding or subtracting information) please note either verbally or on the first slide that your slide show is a modified version of a presentation written by our team.

If you have suggestions for improvements to this slide show, contact our program (send email to bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu).

Preview the web version
Enjoy looking through the presentation in a web version. Completely documented with notes, and easy to navigate!
On-Screen Display (Entire Show in one file | Part A | Part B | Part C)
A PowerPoint slide show, formatted with a 1.33 aspect ratio, suitable for displaying on an LCD projector. It includes all the slides that are on the web version. Completely documented with notes to help you. Beware, though, this is a 33 MByte file! (TNC employees with slow connections should contact us if they cannot download this file. We may be able to send you the file on a CD.) If it makes life easier for you, try downloading the show in three parts (A, B, C). These files are only 7, 12, and 12 MBytes each and will have more palatable download times. After you obtain the files, combine them in PowerPoint using the INSERT/SLIDES FROM FILES menu options. Just make sure you recombine the slides in the correct order!
Notes for the show
An MS Word file that gathers all the notes in the slide show into one place for your convenience. These notes are embedded in the slide show, so you do not need this file unless you want the notes in one place.
Bibliography/Revision history
This contains a list of all the papers cited in this presentation. Any revisions to the release version (1.0) of the presentation are documented in this file.

Q &A clinic
The most frequently asked questions answered for your edification.
The worst weeds
Learn about an invasive plant species in your neighborhood that threatens native biodiversity.
Economic impacts
It is difficult to put an accurate price tag on the costs of invasive species. Here are a few results from studies that have tried to do so.
Learn even more
People who talk about invasive species often present facts without citing their sources. Are you curious about our sources? Here they are for you!
How you can help
Steps you can take to help us protect our own wealth of native biodiversity.

Other site resources

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Species which are either new to an area, or are showing alarming symptoms such as signs of signicant, new expansion.
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