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Animal invaders and pathogens

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Species    Description/Photographer
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Polygonum cuspidatum    A large plant/photo JMR
Polygonum cuspidatum    A branch/photo JMR
Polygonum cuspidatum    Flower buds/photo BAR
Polygonum cuspidatum    A pink plant/photo BAR
Polygonum cuspidatum    Pink branch/photo BAR
Polygonum cuspidatum    Pink flowers/photo BAR
Polygonum cuspidatum    Riverside/photo JMR
Polygonum cuspidatum    Green branches/photo MT
Polygonum perfoliatum    Japanese beetles/photo JMR
Polygonum perfoliatum    Beetle damage/photo JMR
Polygonum perfoliatum    Thwarted scientists/photo JMR
Polygonum perfoliatum    Nasty leaves/photo JMR
Polygonum perfoliatum    Nasty branch/photo JMR
Polygonum perfoliatum    A big lump/photo courtesy Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org (*)
Polygonum perfoliatum    Climbing bushes/photo courtesy Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org (*)
Polygonum perfoliatum    Climbing trees/photo courtesy Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org (*)
Polypogon monspeliensis    Fuzzy flowers/photo BAR
Polypogon monspeliensis    Plant/photo JMR
Potentilla recta    Flowers/photo JMR
Potentilla recta    Plants/photo JMR
Potentilla recta    Hillside/photo Jerry Asher(*)
Populus nigra var. italica    Dune invasion/photo JMR
Populus nigra var. italica    Big trees I/photo JMR
Populus nigra var. italica    Big trees II/photo JMR
Populus nigra var. italica    Sucker/photo JMR
Populus nigra var. italica    Lake beyond the weeds/photo JMR
Prosopis pallida    Trees/photo JMR
Psidium cattleianum    An invasive tree/photo JMR
Psidium guajava    Dense tree/photo JMR
Psidium guajava    Leaves/photo JMR
Psoralea pinnata    Leaves and flowers/photo JMR
Psoralea pinnata    Floral close-up/photo JMR
Psoralea pinnata    Bush/photo JMR
Pueraria montana    Weird.../photo BAR
Pueraria montana    Weirder!/photo BAR
Pueraria montana    More weirder/photo BAR
Pueraria montana    More weirdest/photo BAR
Pueraria montana    Flowers/photo BAR
Pueraria montana    Weirdissimo.../photo JMR
Pueraria montana    More weird/photo JMR
Pueraria montana    Leaflets three/photo MT
Pueraria montana    Invasions--so sad/photo BAR
Pueraria montana    Scientist imperilled/photo MT
Quercus acutissima    Leaves/photo JMR
Quercus acutissima    Landscape tree/photo JMR
Ranunculus ficaria    In garden/photo MT
Ranunculus ficaria    Viewed closer/photo MT
Ranunculus ficaria    Wider view/photo MT
Ranunculus ficaria    In forest/Allan Lindberg (Nassau Co. Parks Dept., ajlindberg(at)verizon.net)
Ranunculus ficaria    Many flowers/Allan Lindberg (Nassau Co. Parks Dept., ajlindberg(at)verizon.net)
Ranunculus ficaria    Streamside/Allan Lindberg (Nassau Co. Parks Dept., ajlindberg(at)verizon.net)
Ranunculus ficaria    Stream banks/Allan Lindberg (Nassau Co. Parks Dept., ajlindberg(at)verizon.net)
Raphanus sativus    Bad foliage/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Foliage I/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Fruit I/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Orange tissue/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Foliage II/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Fruit III/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Fruit II/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Leafing out/photo JMR
Rhamnus cathartica    Invasion/photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    Plant/photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    Flowers/photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    Fruit.../photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    ...and more fruit/photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    Twigs/photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    Encroaching/photo JMR
Rhamnus frangula    Seedlings & resprouts/photo JMR
Rhodomyrtus tomentosa    Shrubs/photo JMR
Rhodotypos scandens    Leaves and fruit/photo JMR
Rhodotypos scandens    Leaves/photo JMR
Rhodotypos scandens    Flowers and fruit/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org(*)
Rhodotypos scandens    Shrub/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org(*)
Rhodotypos scandens    Leaves and flowers/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org(*)
Ricinus communis    Leaves/photo JMR
Ricinus communis    More leaves/photo JMR
Ricinus communis    Flowers/photo JMR
Ricinus communis    Autumnal bush/photo BAR
Ricinus communis    Toxic beans/photo BAR
Ricinus communis    Oceanside/photo MT
Rivina humilis    Leaves and fruit/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Small trees/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Flowers/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    More flowers/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Flowering branch/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Tree bark/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Fruit/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Young tree/photo JMR
Robinia pseudoacacia    Lone tree/photo MT
Robinia pseudoacacia    Dried pods I/photo MT
Robinia pseudoacacia    Dried pods II/photo MT
Romulea rosea    Sandy plant/photo JMR
Romulea rosea    Flower close-up/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Thorns/photo BAR
Rosa multiflora    Fruit/photo BAR
Rosa multiflora    Flowers I/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Stolon formation/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Clambering upslope/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Scientists in peril!/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Stipulate leaf/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    wi/rosette disease/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Flowers II/photo JMR
Rosa multiflora    Big bush!/photo JMR
Rubus argutus    Bad! Bad!/photo JMR
Rubus argutus    Fruit/photo JMR
Rubus argutus    Flower/photo JMR
Rubus argutus    Ow! Ow!/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    Big plant/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    Plant/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    Yum! Yum!/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    Flowers/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    More flowers/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    Pretty flowers/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    A thorny field/photo JMR
Rubus armeniacus    A very thorny field/photo JMR
Rubus fruticosus    Sprawling/photo JMR
Rubus fruticosus    Spiny stems/photo JMR
Rubus phoenicolasius    Plants/photo JMR
Rubus phoenicolasius    Spiny branch/photo JMR
Rubus phoenicolasius    Fruit/photo JMR
Rubus phoenicolasius    Yum yum!/photo JMR
Rubus rosifolius    Plants/photo JMR
Rumex crispus    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Rumex crispus    Plants/photo JMR
Rumex crispus    In slough I/photo JMR
Rumex crispus    In slough II/photo JMR
Saccharum ravennae    Many culms/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Snippers for scale/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Hairy sheaths/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Inflorescences/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    By a bridge/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Thick infestation/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Arched plumes/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Tall plumes/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Riverside growth/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    On both banks/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Saccharum ravennae    Riparian weed/photo Jeffrey Firestone(*)
Salix sp.    Group of plants/photo JMR
Salix sp.    Hedge/photo JMR
Salix sp.    Shoreline plants/photo JMR
Salix sp.    Young plant/photo JMR
Salvia aethiopis    Hillside plants/photo Jerry Asher(*)
Salsola sp.    Choking branches/photo JMR
Salvinia minima    Floating plants/photo BAR
Salvinia minima    Gobbling a pond/photo BAR
Salvinia minima    Many leaves/photo BAR
Salvinia minima    In a bayou/photo BAR
Salvinia minima    Leaf close-up/photo BAR
Salvinia molesta    A plant/photo BAR
Salvinia molesta    Leaf surface/photo BAR
Salvinia molesta    Leaf hairs/photo BAR
Sapium sebiferum    Catkin/photo JMR
Sapium sebiferum    Looking upwards/photo MT
Sapium sebiferum    Young tree/photo JMR
Sapium sebiferum    Fruit/photo JMR
Sapium sebiferum    Lygodium japonicum on Sapium sebiferum/photo BAR
Sapium sebiferum    Infestation!/photo JMR
Sapium sebiferum    Don't eat the fruit!/photo BAR
Sapium sebiferum    Resprouts/photo JMR
Sapium sebiferum    Green leaves/photo JMR
Sapium sebiferum    Landscape tree/photo JMR
Saponaria officinalis    Pretty flowers/photo JMR
Saponaria officinalis    Whole plant/photo JMR
Saponaria officinalis    In dunes I/photo JMR
Saponaria officinalis    In dunes II/photo JMR
Scaevola sericea    Flowers/photo MT
Scaevola sericea    Flowers and fruit/photo MT
Scaevola sericea    Many fruit/photo MT
Scaevola sericea    Plant/photo MT
Schinus molle    Fruiting branch/photo JMR
Schinus molle    Tree branches/photo JMR
Schinus molle    Leaves/photo BAR
Schinus molle    Flowering branch/photo BAR
Schinus molle    Floral close-up/photo BAR
Schinus molle    Fruit/photo BAR
Schinus polygamus    Branches/photo BAR
Schinus polygamus    Leaves/photo BAR
Schinus polygamus    Nasty apical spine/photo BAR
Schinus polygamus    Bolting suckers/photo BAR
Schinus polygamus    Bark/photo BAR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Flowering branch/photo JMR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Fruiting branch/photo JMR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Fruit/photo JMR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Sterile understory/photo JMR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Young leaves/photo BAR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Old fruit I/photo BAR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Old fruit II/photo BAR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Shaded leaves/photo BAR
Schinus terebinthifolius    Sunny leaves/photo BAR
Schismus spp.    On desert floor I/photo JMR
Schismus spp.    On desert floor II/photo JMR
Schismus spp.    On desert floor III/photo JMR
Senecio jacobaea    Flowering plant/photo MT
Senecio jacobaea    Foreground weeds/photo JMR
Sesbania exaltata    Branchlet/photo BAR
Sesbania punicea    Small tree/photo JMR
Sesbania punicea    Flowering branch/photo JMR
Sesbania punicea    Flowers/photo JMR
Sesbania punicea    Fruit/photo BAR
Sesbania punicea    Fruiting tree/photo BAR
Sesbania punicea    Infested island/photo BAR
Silybum marianum    Prickly plants/photo JMR
Silybum marianum    Spiny flowers I/photo JMR
Silybum marianum    Spiny flowers II/photo JMR
Silybum marianum    A world of pain/photo JMR
Silybum marianum    Pretty leaves I/photo BAR
Silybum marianum    Pretty leaves II/photo BAR
Sinapis arvensis    Fruit/photo JMR
Sisymbrium orientale    A grassland invasion/photo JMR
Sisymbrium orientale    Dominating grassland along the road/photo JMR
Sisymbrium orientale    S. orientale patch with billy goat skull/photo JMR
Solanum dulcamara    Flowers and leaves/photo JMR
Solanum viarum    Bushes/photo Randy Westbrooks(*)
Solanum viarum    More bushes/photo JMR
Sonchus arvensis    Flowering plants/photo JMR
Sorghum halepense    Plant portrait/photo BAR
Sorghum halepense    A flowering stem/photo BAR
Sorghum halepense    Branches/photo BAR
Sorghum halepense    Awns on florets/photo BAR
Sorghum halepense    Bad!/photo JMR
Sorghum halepense    Ratty plants/photo JMR
Sparaxis bulbifera    White flowered plant/photo JMR
Spartina alterniflora    Mudflat I/photo JMR
Spartina alterniflora    Mudflat II/photo JMR
Spartina alterniflora    Dense plants/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    More flowers/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    Flowering bushes/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    Young fruit/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    More invading bushes/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    Flowering bush/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    Big plants/photo BAR
Spartium junceum    Needle-branches/photo BAR
Spartium junceum    Branches close up/photo BAR
Spartium junceum    Single bush/photo JMR
Spartium junceum    Flowers close-up/photo JMR
Spathodea campanulata    Branches/photo JMR
Spathodea campanulata    Flowers/photo JMR
Spathodea campanulata    More flowers/photo JMR
Spathodea campanulata    Yellow flowers/photo JMR
Sphaerophysa salsula    Seedlings/photo MT
Sphaerophysa salsula    Dead grey growth/photo MT
Sphaerophysa salsula    Big grey patch/photo MT
Taeniatherum caput-medusae    Close-up of seed head/photo JMR
Taeniatherum caput-medusae    Big awns/photo BAR
Taeniatherum caput-medusae    In the field/photo JMR
Taeniatherum caput-medusae    Matted plants/photo JMR
Tamarix aphylla    Tree/photo JMR
Tamarix aphylla    Flowers I/photo JMR
Tamarix aphylla    Flowers II/photo JMR
Tamarix aphylla    Leaves/photo JMR
Tamarix parviflora    Flower detail I/photo BAR
Tamarix parviflora    Flower detail II/photo BAR
Tamarix parviflora    Many flowers/photo JMR
Tamarix parviflora    Streamside I/photo JMR
Tamarix parviflora    Streamside II/photo JMR
Tamarix parviflora    Streamside III/photo JMR
Tamarix parviflora    In streambed I/photo JMR
Tamarix parviflora    In streambed II/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    Colorado River/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    In Grand Canyon I/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    In Grand Canyon II/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    Flowers/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    Shrubby trees/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    Single bush/photo JMR
Tamarix ramosissima    Scraggly plants/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    A bushy plant/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    In flower/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    Flower clusters/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    Fall colors I/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    Fall colors II/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    Dense growth/photo JMR
Tamarix sp.    In a river/photo JMR
Tibouchina herbacea    A thick marsh/photo Pat Bily(*)
Tibouchina herbacea    Many plants!/photo Pat Bily(*)
Tibouchina urvilleana    Trees/photo JMR
Tibouchina urvilleana    Flowers/photo JMR
Tithonia diversifolia    Flowers/photo JMR
Toona ciliata    Trees/photo JMR
Toona sinensis    Looking up I/photo JMR
Toona sinensis    Looking up II/photo JMR
Tragopogon dubius    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Tragopogon dubius    Plants/photo JMR
Tragopogon porrifolius    Seed head/photo JMR
Tragopogon sp.    Flower, WY/photo JMR
Tragopogon sp.    Seed head, MT/photo JMR
Trapa natans    Lake weeds/photo JMR
Trapa natans    Lots a' weeds/photo JMR
Trapa natans    Where did the lake go?/photo JMR
Trapa natans    On the water's edge/photo JMR
Tribolium obliterum    Along a rock/photo Susan Hubbard(*)
Tribolium obliterum    On the ground/photo Susan Hubbard(*)
Tribolium obliterum    Clusters/photo Susan Hubbard(*)
Tribolium obliterum    Stolons/photo Susan Hubbard(*)
Tribolium obliterum    Herbarium images/photo BAR (WYSIWYG--see note at bottom)
Tribolium uniolae    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Tribulus terrestris    Matted plants/photo JMR
Tribulus terrestris    Spiny fruit-ouch! ouch!/photo JMR
Tribulus terrestris    Sprawling stems/photo JMR
Tropaeolum majus    Orange flowers/photo JMR
Typha angustifolia    Pondside/photo MT
Typha angustifolia    Tall glade/photo MT
Typha angustifolia    In flower/photo MT
Typha angustifolia    A whole field/photo MT
Typha latifolia    A thick growth/photo BAR
Typha latifolia    Cattails!/photo BAR
Ulex europaeus    A bush and human head/photo JMR
Ulex europaeus    Flowering branch/photo JMR
Ulex europaeus    Pokey branches/photo JMR
Ulex europaeus    Flowers/photo JMR
Ulex europaeus    Spiny pathway/photo JMR
Ulex europaeus    Pokey flowers/photo JMR
Ulex europaeus    Juvenile plants/photo JMR
Ulmus pumila    Tree/photo JMR
Ulmus pumila    Leaves and bark/photo JMR
Ulmus pumila    Leaves/photo JMR
Ulmus pumila    Seedling/photo JMR
Ulmus pumila    Young tree/photo JMR
Urochloa decumbens    Flowers/photo JMR
Utricularia inflata    Emergent inflorescences/photo BAR
Utricularia inflata    Flowers/photo BAR
Utricularia inflata    Many bladders/photo BAR
Utricularia inflata    Bladder--top view/photo BAR
Utricularia inflata    Bladder--side side/photo BAR
Ventenata dubia    Plant features/photo BAR (WYSIWYG--see note at bottom)
Ventenata dubia    Infestation/photo JMR
Verbascum blattaria    White flower/photo JMR
Verbascum blattaria    Yellow flower/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Large flowering plants/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    A first-year rosette/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Close-up of flowers/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    A blight on a beautiful view/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Island invasion/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Wi/weed scientist's children/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Flower close-up/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Dominican Republic rosette/photo JMR
Verbascum thapsus    Dominican Republic sunny invasion/photo JMR
Verbascum virgatum    Flowers/photo JMR
Verbena bonariensis    Plants/photo JMR
Verbena bonariensis    One plant/photo BAR
Vinca major    Flowers/photo BAR
Vinca major    Leafy nasties/photo BAR
Vinca major and weed geek    Flowers/photo JMR
Vinca major/V. minor    Flower comparison/photo BAR
Vinca minor    Flowers/photo JMR
Vincetoxicum nigrum    Seedling/photo Charlotte Pyle (USDA) (*)
Vincetoxicum nigrum    Leaves/photo Charlotte Pyle (USDA) (*)
Vincetoxicum nigrum    Flowers/photo Charlotte Pyle (USDA) (*)
Vincetoxicum nigrum    Fruit/photo Charlotte Pyle (USDA) (*)
Vincetoxicum nigrum    Understory infestation/photo JMR
Watsonia bulbillifera    Flowers/photo JMR
Watsonia bulbillifera    Floral close-up/photo JMR
Watsonia bulbillifera    Bulbils galore/photo JMR
Watsonia bulbillifera    More flowers/photo JMR
Watsonia bulbillifera    Big infestation/photo JMR
Wisteria floribunda    Autumn leaves/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Fruiting pods/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Pods in space!/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Pods close up/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Seeds/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Leaves/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Shocked ecologist/photo BAR
Wisteria sinensis    Strangling stem/photo BAR
Xanthium spinosum    Painful plants/photo BAR
Xanthium spinosum    Spiny branch/photo JMR
Xanthium spinosum    Veined leaves/photo JMR
Xanthium strumarium    Dreary plants/photo JMR
Xanthium strumarium    Spiny cockleburs/photo JMR
Xanthium strumarium    Fruiting branch/photo JMR
Xanthium strumarium    Fruiting plant/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Lily/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Many lilies/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Lot's o' lilies/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Shady lilies/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Lookin' at lilies/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Midrange cluster/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Pretty invasion/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    By a wetland/photo JMR
Zantedeschia aethiopica    Flower in NZ/photo JMR

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