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Animal invaders and pathogens

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Species    Description/Photographer
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Centaurea calcitrapa    Spiny plant!/photo BAR
Centaurea calcitrapa    Pokey flowers/photo BAR
Centaurea calcitrapa    Ooch! Ouch!/photo BAR
Centaurea calcitrapa    Pretty flowers/photo BAR
Centaurea cyanus    Bachelor button flowers/photo JMR
Centaurea cyanus    Flowers/photo BAR
Centaurea maculosa    Flower I/photo JMR
Centaurea maculosa    Flower II/photo JMR
Centaurea maculosa    Flower III/photo JMR
Centaurea maculosa    On a slope/photo MT
Centaurea maculosa    Dried spotty seedheads/photo BAR
Centaurea maculosa    Lots of seedheads/photo BAR
Centaurea maculosa    Young plant/photo JMR
Centaurea maculosa    Big plant/photo JMR
Centaurea maculosa    Bigger plant/photo JMR
Centaurea maculosa    Infestation/photo JMR
Centaurea melitensis    wi/C. solstitialis/photo JMR
Centaurea melitensis    A flower/photo JMR
Centaurea melitensis    Two flowers/photo JMR
Centaurea pratensis    One flower/photo MT
Centaurea pratensis    More flowers/photo MT
Centaurea pratensis    Flowers in hand/photo MT
Centaurea pratensis    Many in bush/photo MT
Centaurea solstitialis    A young plant/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    Spiny flower bud/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    A large plant/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    A mat of young plants/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    A dreadful patch/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    A seedy field/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    A spiny flower/photo BAR
Centaurea solstitialis    Winged stems/photo BAR
Centaurea solstitialis    Branches/photo BAR
Centaurea solstitialis    Threatened by competition/photo by Jerry Asher(*)
Centaurea solstitialis    Q-tip stage/photo JMR
Centaurea solstitialis    Roadside/photo MT
Ceratonia siliqua    Mature stinky pods/photo BAR
Ceratonia siliqua    Flowers/photo BAR
Ceratonia siliqua    Young fruit/photo BAR
Ceratonia siliqua    Leaves/photo BAR
Chamelaucium uncinatum    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Chasmanthe floribunda    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Chasmanthe floribunda    Plants/photo JMR
Chenopodium album    Thick growth/photo JMR
Chondrilla juncea    In bunchgrass/photo Jerry Asher(*)
Chondrilla juncea    Impassible!/photo Jerry Asher(*)
Chondrilla juncea    Infestation/photo Jerry Asher(*)
Chondrilla juncea    Greenhouse study/photo JMR
Chondrilla juncea    Bush in ID /photo JMR
Chondrilla juncea    Fruiting in ID /photo JMR
Chrysophyllum oliviforme    Invading Hawai'i/photo JMR
Cichorium intybus    Flower I/photo BAR
Cirsium arvense    Flowerheads I/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Flowerheads II/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    View of plant/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    View of flowers/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Seedheads/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Sea of trouble/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Creekside/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Plants/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    w/white foliage/photo BAR
Cirsium arvense    Male inflorescence/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Female inflorescence 1/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Female inflorescence 2/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    Female inflorescence 3/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    NZ flowers I/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    NZ flowers II/photo JMR
Cirsium arvense    NZ flowers III/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Many more plants/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Weed in the mountains/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Flowers/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Making seed/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Rosette of evil/photo BAR
Cirsium vulgare    White-flowered variant/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Many prickly plants/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Gone by thistles/photo JMR
Cirsium vulgare    Single flower/photo MT
Clerodendrum sp.    A rare escapee/photo JMR
Clidemia hirta    Leaves and flowers/photo JMR
Clidemia hirta    Leaves/photo JMR
Clidemia hirta    Flowers/photo JMR
Clidemia hirta    Fruit/photo JMR
Clidemia hirta    Leaf study I/photo JMR
Clidemia hirta    Leaf study II/photo JMR
Coincya monensis    Evil rosette/photo Andrea Pickart(*)
Coincya monensis    Dune invader/photo Andrea Pickart(*)
Coincya monensis    Thick bunch/photo Andrea Pickart(*)
Coincya monensis    Beaked fruit/photo Andrea Pickart(*)
Coincya monensis    Flowers/photo Andrea Pickart(*)
Colubrina asiatica    Leaves/photo JMR
Colubrina asiatica    A bad infestation/photo JMR
Colubrina asiatica    Plants/photo JMR
Colubrina asiatica    One plant/photo MT
Colubrina asiatica    Fruit/photo MT
Colubrina asiatica    Flowers/photo MT
Complaya trilobata    Plants I/photo Norma Jean Byrd(*)
Complaya trilobata    Plants II/photo JMR
Complaya trilobata    Close-view/photo MT
Complaya trilobata    One flower/photo MT
Complaya trilobata    Many flowers/photo MT
Conium maculatum    Large plants/photo JMR
Conium maculatum    Young fruit/photo JMR
Conium maculatum    Young ferny foliage/photo BAR
Conium maculatum    Big plant/photo BAR
Convolvulus arvensis    A patch of plants.../photo BAR
Convolvulus arvensis    Medium view/photo BAR
Convolvulus arvensis    A closer view/photo BAR
Convolvulus arvensis    Flowers/photo JMR
Convolvulus arvensis    In a plowed field/photo JMR
Convolvulus arvensis    Canyon preserve/photo JMR
Coronilla varia    A flowering pagoda/photo JMR
Coronilla varia    A clump of plants/photo JMR
Coronilla varia    Many more plants/photo JMR
Coronilla varia    Thick patch I/photo MT
Coronilla varia    Thick patch II/photo MT
Coronilla varia    Thick patch III/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    A grand plant with plumes/photo JMR
Cortaderia jubata    Plants growing on a hillside/photo JMR
Cortaderia jubata    Close up view of a seed plume/photo JMR
Cortaderia jubata    Backlit plumes/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Invaded hillside/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Pretty plants I/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Pretty plants II/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Horrible hillside I/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Horrible hillside II/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Green plants/photo MT
Cortaderia jubata    Spot the human!/photo BAR
Cortaderia jubata    Too many plants!/photo JMR
Cortaderia selloana    Attacking a home?/photo Joe DiTomaso(*)
Cortaderia selloana    Single plant/photo Joe DiTomaso(*)
Cortaderia selloana    Inflorescence/photo Joe DiTomaso(*)
Cortaderia sp.    Big plants!/photo JMR
Cortaderia sp.    On a hillside/photo JMR
Cortaderia sp.    Many flags/photo JMR
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora    Flowers!/photo JMR
Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora    Plants/photo JMR
Cryptocoryne beckettii    Plant underwater/photo Paul Krombholz(*)
Cryptocoryne beckettii    Triploid form/photo Jan D. Bastmeijer(*)
Cryptocoryne beckettii    Flower/photo Jan D. Bastmeijer(*)
Cryptocoryne beckettii    More flowers/photo Jan D. Bastmeijer(*)
Cuscuta japonica    Strangling/photo BAR
Cuscuta japonica    Choking/photo BAR
Cuscuta japonica    Tangling/photo BAR
Cuscuta japonica    Sucking/photo BAR
Cynanchum rossicum    Reaching into a tree/photo JMR
Cynanchum rossicum    Old plants/photo Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org(*)
Cynanchum rossicum    Flowers/photo JMR
Cynanchum rossicum    Fruiting pods/photo JMR
Cynanchum rossicum    Roadside/photo Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org(*)
Cynanchum rossicum    Infestation/photo JMR
Cynanchum rossicum    Backyard badboy/photo JMR
Cynanchum rossicum    Leaves and fruit/photo JMR
Cynanchum rossicum    Many pods/photo Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org(*)
Cynanchum rossicum    In forest I/photo Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org(*)
Cynanchum rossicum    In forest II/photo Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org(*)
Cynanchum rossicum    Big field/photo Bill Jacobs, bjacobs(at)tnc.org(*)
Cynara cardunculus    Rosette I/photo JMR
Cynara cardunculus    Rosette II/photo JMR
Cynara cardunculus    Rosette III/photo JMR
Cynara cardunculus    Flower/photo JMR
Cynodon dactylon    Stolons/photo JMR
Cynodon dactylon    Plants/photo JMR
Cynoglossum officinale    A plant I/photo JMR
Cynoglossum officinale    A plant II/photo JMR
Cynoglossum officinale    A plant III/photo JMR
Cynoglossum officinale    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Cynoglossum officinale    Roots!/photo MT
Cynosurus echinatus    Strange flowers/photo BAR
Cyperus entrerianus    Seeds/photo MT
Cyperus entrerianus    Plants/photo MT
Cyperus entrerianus    Dense growth/photo MT
Cyperus entrerianus    Choked field/photo MT
Cytisus multiflorus    Plant/photo JMR
Cytisus multiflorus    On a hill/photo JMR
Cytisus scoparius    A field of young plants/photo JMR
Cytisus scoparius    Dense growth on hill/photo JMR
Cytisus scoparius    A band of plants on a hillside/photo JMR
Cytisus scoparius    Flower closeup/photo BAR
Cytisus scoparius    On a dune/photo JMR
Dactylis glomerata    Nasty spikelets/photo JMR
Daucus carota    Fruit/photo BAR
Daucus carota    Flowers I/photo BAR
Daucus carota    Flowers II/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Leaves and flowers/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Leaves/photo BAR
Delairea odorata    Crawling up a hill/photo BAR
Delairea odorata    at Featherbed (South Africa)/photo Greg Archbald(*)
Delairea odorata    at Giant's Castle I (South Africa)/photo Greg Archbald(*)
Delairea odorata    at Giant's Castle II (South Africa)/photo Greg Archbald(*)
Delairea odorata    Many leaves/photo BAR
Delairea odorata    Evil swathe/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Inflorescences/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Lost hillside I/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Lost hillside II/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Ascending forbs/photo JMR
Delairea odorata    Tree draperies/photo JMR
Digitalis purpurea    Flowers/photo BAR
Digitalis purpurea    More flowers/photo BAR
Digitalis purpurea    Many flowers/photo JMR
Digitalis purpurea    Several plants/photo JMR
Digitalis purpurea    Infestation/photo JMR
Dioscorea bulbifera    A climbing plant/photo JMR
Dioscorea bulbifera    Aerial bulbil/photo JMR
Dioscorea bulbifera    Double dense!/photo BAR
Dioscorea bulbifera    Dense growth/photo BAR
Dioscorea oppositifolia    Obscuring light/photo Peter Whan(*)
Dioscorea oppositifolia    Obscuring light/photo Peter Whan(*)
Dipsacus fullonum ssp. sylvestris    Rosettes/photo JMR
Dipsacus fullonum ssp. sylvestris    Crack in asphalt/photo JMR
Dipsacus fullonum ssp. sylvestris    Pre-bloom/photo JMR
Dipsacus fullonum ssp. sylvestris    In flower/photo JMR
Dipsacus fullonum ssp. sylvestris    Infested meadow/photo JMR
Dipsacus fullonum    Infested slope/photo MT
Dipsacus fullonum    Big plant/photo BAR
Dipsacus fullonum    Leaf axil I/photo BAR
Dipsacus fullonum    Leaf axil II/photo BAR
Dipsacus sp.    Spiny inflorescence/photo MT
Dipsacus sp.    D. sativus(?) head/photo JMR
Dipsacus sp.    D. sativus(?) invasion/photo JMR
Dipsacus sp.    Landscape invasion/photo JMR
Dissotis rotundifolia    Pretty flowers/photo JMR
Echium candicans    Plants/photo JMR
Echium candicans    Tall spike/photo JMR
Echium candicans    Short spike/photo JMR
Echium candicans    On ocean cliff/photo JMR
Echium plantagineum    Purple flowers/photo JMR
Echium plantagineum    Another look/photo JMR
Echium spp.    New invasion I/photo JMR
Echium spp.    New invasion II/photo JMR
Echium spp.    Flowers/photo JMR
Egeria densa    Leafy plants/photo BAR
Ehrharta calycina    Infestation/photo JMR
Ehrharta longiflora    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Eichhornia crassipes    Flower spike/photo BAR
Eichhornia crassipes    Flowers/photo JMR
Eichhornia crassipes    A lake!/photo JMR
Eichhornia crassipes    Infested waterway I/photo MT
Eichhornia crassipes    Infested waterway II/photo MT
Eichhornia crassipes    Leaves I/photo BAR
Eichhornia crassipes    Leaves II/photo BAR
Eichhornia crassipes    "Bull" form I/photo BAR
Eichhornia crassipes    "Bull" form II/photo BAR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    Fruit/photo JMR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    Flowers/photo JMR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    Red cultivar I/photo BAR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    Red cultivar II/photo BAR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    Encroaching trees/photo JMR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    Along a river/photo JMR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    View from a bridge/photo JMR
Elaeagnus angustifolia    In fruit/photo JMR
Elaeagnus umbellata    Twigs/photo BAR
Elaeagnus umbellata    Leaves and flowers/photo JMR
Elaeagnus umbellata    Fruit!/photo JMR
Eragrostis lehmanniana    A carpet/photo JMR
Eragrostis lehmanniana    Arizona infestation/photo JMR
Eragrostis lehmanniana    Nasty inflorescence/photo JMR
Eragrostis curvula    Weepy plant/photo JMR
Eragrostis curvula    Infestation/photo JMR
Eragrostis curvula    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Eragrostis curvula    Three of them/photo JMR
Eragrostis curvula    Infesting a field/photo JMR
Erechtites minima    Setting seed/photo JMR
Erodium botrys    Flowers/photo JMR
Erodium botrys    Dense patch/photo JMR
Erodium botrys    Flowers & fruit/photo JMR
Erodium cicutarium    Flowers I/photo JMR
Erodium cicutarium    Flowers II/photo JMR
Erodium cicutarium    Flowers III/photo JMR
Erodium moschatum    Flowers/photo JMR
Erodium moschatum    Plant/photo JMR
Eucalyptus globulus    A dangerously large tree/photo JMR
Eucalyptus globulus    Dimorphic leaves/photo BAR
Eucalyptus globulus    Fruit and flowers/photo JMR
Eucalyptus globulus    Young trees/photo BAR
Eucalyptus globulus    Entering a dark grove/photo JMR
Eucalyptus globulus    Inside a dark grove/photo JMR
Eucalyptus globulus    Dark grove II/photo JMR
Eucalyptus globulus    Wicked grove/photo JMR
Euonymus alatus    Fall fruit & leaves/photo BAR
Euonymus alatus    Winged stems/photo BAR
Euonymus alatus    Escaping seedlings/photo BAR
Euonymus alatus    Fall foliage/photo BAR
Euonymus alatus    Unwinged stems/photo BAR
Euonymus fortunei    Leaves & fruit/photo JMR
Euphorbia cyparissias    Many plants/photo JMR
Euphorbia cyparissias    With ruler/photo JMR
Euphorbia cyparissias    In a planting/photo JMR
Euphorbia cyparissias    From above/photo Marilyn Jordan (mjordan(at)tnc.org)*
Euphorbia cyparissias    From the side/photo Marilyn Jordan (mjordan(at)tnc.org)*
Euphorbia cyparissias    Many flowers/photo Marilyn Jordan (mjordan(at)tnc.org)*
Euphorbia esula    A few plants/photo BAR
Euphorbia esula    A single plant/photo BAR
Euphorbia esula    A field of woe!/photo BAR
Euphorbia esula    Flowers yield seed/photo JMR
Euphorbia esula    Flowers/photo JMR
Euphorbia esula    Hillside/photo by Jerry Asher(*)
Euphorbia esula    A small clump I/photo JMR
Euphorbia esula    A small clump II/photo JMR
Euphorbia esula    A storm of weeds/photo JMR
Euphorbia esula    Green patch/photo JMR
Euphorbia esula    Biocontrol release/photo JMR
Euphorbia lathyris    Fruity/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org
Euphorbia lathyris    Tall plant!/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org
Euphorbia lathyris    VERY tall plant!/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org
Euphorbia lathyris    Seedling/photo Marilyn Jordan, mjordan(at)tnc.org
Euphorbia terracina    Flower closeup/photo JMR
Ferraria crispa    Flower/photo JMR
Festuca arundinacea    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Festuca arundinacea    Plant I/photo JMR
Festuca arundinacea    Plant II/photo JMR
Ficus carica    Muddy resprouts/photo JMR
Ficus carica    In Hawai'i/photo JMR
Ficus carica    Hillside plant/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    A young stand/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    Flowering plant/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    Flower/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    Fennel boulevard/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    Climbing a hill/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    Young plant/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    Dense fennel patch/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    At a preserve/photo JMR
Foeniculum vulgare    At Big Sur, CA/photo JMR
Fraxinus uhdei    Big weed!/photo JMR
Fraxinus uhdei    Leaf/photo JMR
Fraxinus uhdei    Seedlings/photo JMR
Fraxinus uhdei    Trunks/photo JMR
Freesia sp.    Invading Australia/photo JMR
Freesia sp.    Pink flower/photo JMR
Freesia sp.    Yellow flower/photo JMR
Freesia sp.    White flower/photo JMR
Fumaria capreolata    Leaves and flower/photo JMR
Fumaria capreolata    Another shot/photo JMR

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