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Animal invaders and pathogens

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Species    Description/Photographer
Abrus precatorius    Leaves/photo MT
Abrus precatorius    Climbing a tree I/photo MT
Abrus precatorius    Climbing a tree II/photo MT
Abrus precatorius    Climbing a tree III/photo MT
Abutilon theophrasti    Lots of plants!/photo JMR
Acacia mearnsii    A young invader/photo JMR
Acer platanoides    Milky sap/photo JMR
Acer platanoides    Leaf, feigning innocence/photo JMR
Acer platanoides    Branch/photo JMR
Acer pseudoplatanus    Leaves, see them plot/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    A young flower/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    A seedhead/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Conniving foliage/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Old dead stuff/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Harrassing a tree/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Excluding all else/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Nasty infestation/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Floral close-up/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    More dead stuff/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Nice flower/photo JMR
Acroptilon repens    Dessicating/photo JMR
Aegilops triuncialis    Spikelets/photo BAR
Aegilops triuncialis    Invading serpentine/photo BAR
Aegilops triuncialis    More invasions/photo BAR
Aegilops triuncialis    Sprouts/photo JMR
Aegopodium podagraria    Glossy leaves/photo JMR
Ageratina adenophora    On a hill/photo JMR
Ageratina adenophora    Flowers/photo JMR
Ageratina adenophora    Single plant/photo MT
Ageratina adenophora    Flock of plants/photo MT
Ageratina adenophora    Flowers? For me?/photo MT
Ageratina adenophora    Flowers gone by/photo MT
Ageratina adenophora    Weedy patch/photo MT
Ageratina adenophora    Runners/photo MT
Ageratina adenophora    Closeup of flowers/photo JMR
Ageratina adenophora    Flowers side view/photo JMR
Agropyron cristatum    Seedheads/photo JMR
Agropyron cristatum    Closer shot of a seedhead/photo JMR
Agropyron desertorum    Ominous seedhead/photo JMR
Agrostis capillaris    It's dead!/photo JMR
Agrostis capillaris    It's alive!/photo JMR
Agrostis stolonifera    Inflorescence/photo BAR
Agrostis stolonifera    Leaves/photo BAR
Agrostis stolonifera    Dense growth/photo Marilyn Jordan(*)
Agrostis stolonifera    Foreground weed/photo Marilyn Jordan(*)
Ailanthus altissima    Characteristic leaf scars/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Annoying roadside plants/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    A few bad trees/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Smelly, nasty flowers/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    More flowers/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Blighted plants/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Bold tree/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    A grove/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Thickets galore/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Note leaf base gland/photo JMR
Ailanthus altissima    Native at China's Great Wall/photo JMR
Albizia julibrissin    Making seed pods/photo BAR
Albizia julibrissin    Seductively pretty leaves/photo BAR
Alhagi maurorum    Thorns!/photo JMR
Alhagi maurorum    Closeup of flowers/photo JMR
Alhagi maurorum    Many plants with flowers/photo JMR
Alhagi maurorum    Closeup of stems/photo JMR
Alhagi maurorum    Fruit!/photo JMR
Alhagi maurorum    Another plant/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    An infestation/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    Fruit/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    Flowering plant/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    In a forest/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    Young plant I/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    Young plant II/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    Flower/photo JMR
Alliaria petiolata    In West Virginia/photo JMR
Alternanthera philoxeroides    In a canal/photo JMR
Alternanthera philoxeroides    Where's the beach?/photo JMR
Alternanthera philoxeroides    Leafy menace/photo JMR
Alternanthera philoxeroides    Biocontrol damage, hurrah!/photo JMR
Amaranthus albus    Plant/photo JMR
Amaranthus albus    In a field/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Flowers I/photo BAR
Ammophila arenaria    Flowers II/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Flowers III/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    A bunch/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    On a dune/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Topping a dune/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Big bunch/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    New bunches/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    So many!/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Dune/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Bad weed! I/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Bad weed!! II/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    Bad weed!!! III/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    NZ beach I/photo JMR
Ammophila arenaria    NZ beach II/photo JMR
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata    A climbing hazard/photo JMR
Ampelopsis brevipedunculata    Heavy clump/photo JMR
Anchusa officinalis    Flowers I/photo MT
Anchusa officinalis    Flowers II/photo MT
Anchusa officinalis    Single plant/photo MT
Anchusa officinalis    Big clump!/photo MT
Andropogon gayanum    Plant/photo JMR
Andropogon gayanum    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    Fruit/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    Plant/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    An infestation/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    A few plants/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    A big clump/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    A bad scene/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    Cliffside/photo JMR
Andropogon virginicus    On recent lava/photo JMR
Anredera cordifolia    Flowers on a vine/photo Joe DiTomaso(*)
Anthemis cotula    Flowers/photo JMR
Anthemis cotula    Infestation!/photo JMR
Anthemis cotula    Plants/photo JMR
Anthoxanthum odoratum    Spikelets I/photo JMR
Anthoxanthum odoratum    Spikelets II/photo JMR
Anthriscus caucalis    Young plant/photo JMR
Anthriscus caucalis    Fruit/photo JMR
Anthriscus caucalis    Infestation/photo JMR
Aptenia cordifolia    Dense growth/photo Jo Kitz(*)
Aptenia cordifolia    Flowers/photo Jo Kitz(*)
Aralia elata    Fruit/photo Marilyn Jordan(*)
Aralia elata    Sample leaf/photo Marilyn Jordan(*)
Aralia elata    Habit/photo Marilyn Jordan(*)
Aralia elata    Flowering tree/photo JMR
Aralia elata    Flowers/photo JMR
Aralia elata    Leaflets/photo JMR
Aralia elata    Tree/photo JMR
Aralia elata    Leaf/photo JMR
Arctium lappa    Bur-like flowers/photo JMR
Arctium lappa    Plantlet/photo JMR
Arctium minus    Flowering stalk/photo JMR
Arctium minus    Sessile flowers/photo JMR
Arctium minus    Rosette/photo JMR
Arctium minus    Streamside/photo JMR
Arctotheca calendula    Flowers/photo JMR
Arctotheca calendula    Single flower/photo JMR
Arctotheca calendula    Many plants/photo JMR
Arctotheca calendula    More plants/photo JMR
Arctotheca calendula    Yet more plants/photo JMR
Arctotheca calendula    Plant/photo JMR
Ardisia elliptica    Flowers I/photo JMR
Ardisia elliptica    Flowers II/photo JMR
Ardisia elliptica    Fruit/photo Pat Howell(*)
Arundo donax    It is big!/photo JMR
Arundo donax    By a slough/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Mountainside/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Arundo landscape/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Leaf sheaths/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Variegated weed!/photo BAR
Arundo donax    ...about to get lost!/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Along a river/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Flowering culm/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Flowering plants/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Landscape invasion/photo JMR
Arundo donax    Woody shoots!/photo MT
Arundo donax    Stalking Mandy/photo MT
Arundo donax    With scientists.../photo MT
Arundo donax    From above I/photo MT
Arundo donax    From above II/photo MT
Asparagus asparagoides    Leaves/photo JMR
Asparagus asparagoides    More leaves/photo JMR
Asparagus asparagoides    Leaves again/photo JMR
Asphodelus fistulosus    A few flowers/photo JMR
Asphodelus fistulosus    A bunch of plants/photo JMR
Asphodelus fistulosus    Flower and buds/photo JMR
Atriplex semibaccata    Plants/photo JMR
Atriplex semibaccata    Closeup from above/photo JMR
Atriplex semibaccata    Large plants/photo JMR
Atriplex semibaccata    About to be eaten by goats/photo JMR
Avena fatua    Raceme I/photo JMR
Avena fatua    Raceme II/photo JMR
Avena fatua    Spikelets/photo BAR
Barbarea vulgaris    Big plant/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    3-tipped spines, CT/photo BAR
Berberis spp.    Red fruit, CT/photo BAR
Berberis spp.    Immature fruit, MA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    New leaves, IL/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    Flowers II, PA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    Flowers III, PA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    Young leaves, MA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    One plant, MA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    In cultivation, MA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    Plantlet, MA/photo JMR
Berberis spp.    Flowers I, NY/photo JMR
Berteroa incana    Many plants/photo JMR
Berteroa incana    Large patch/photo JMR
Berteroa incana    Flowers/photo JMR
Bothriochloa ischaemum    Plant/photo JMR
Bothriochloa ischaemum    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Bothriochloa ischaemum    Invaded field/photo JMR
Bothriochloa sp.    Inflorescence/photo JMR
Bothriochloa sp.    Many plants/photo JMR
Bothriochloa sp.    Sunset over infestation/photo JMR
Brachypodium sylvaticum    Roadside/photo Thomas Kaye, kayet(at)peak.org(*)
Brachypodium sylvaticum    Young leaves/photo Thomas Kaye, kayet(at)peak.org(*)
Brachypodium sylvaticum    Small clump/photo Thomas Kaye, kayet(at)peak.org(*)
Brachypodium sylvaticum    Seedy heads/photo Greg Fitzpatrick, fitzpatg(at)juno.com(*)
Brachypodium sylvaticum    Green patch/photo Greg Fitzpatrick, fitzpatg(at)juno.com(*)
Brachypodium sylvaticum    Pale green, on a road/photo Thomas Kaye, kayet(at)peak.org(*)
Brassica nigra    In asphalt crack/photo JMR
Brassica tournefortii    Flowers/photo JMR
Brassica tournefortii    Flower detail/photo JMR
Brassica tournefortii    A few flowers/photo JMR
Brassica tournefortii    Plant in flower/photo JMR
Brassica spp.    Infestation/photo JMR
Brassica spp.    Patches/photo JMR
Brassica spp.    Flowers/photo JMR
Briza maxima    Fresh flowers/photo BAR
Briza maxima    Rattling fruit/photo BAR
Briza maxima    Spikelets close up/photo BAR
Briza maxima    Lots of flowers/photo JMR
Briza minor    Dangly flowers/photo BAR
Briza minor    Insideous spikelets/photo BAR
Bromus catharticus    Close-up of seedhead/photo BAR
Bromus diandrus    Close-up of seedhead/photo BAR
Bromus diandrus    Wind-tossed seedheads/photo JMR
Bromus hordeaceus    Close-up of seedhead/photo BAR
Bromus hordeaceus    Florets at anthesis/photo JMR
Bromus hordeaceus    More florets/photo JMR
Bromus inermis    Close-up of seedhead/photo JMR
Bromus inermis    Full view of panicle/photo JMR
Bromus inermis    The panicle later on/photo JMR
Bromus inermis    Impetuous anthers/photo JMR
Bromus japonicus    Dried flowers/photo JMR
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens    A greenish seed head/photo JMR
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens    A red seed head/photo JMR
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens    Flower portrait/photo BAR
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens    A bunch/photo JMR
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens    Hedge/photo JMR
Bromus madritensis subsp. rubens    A landscape/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    A plant making seed/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    Brown field/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    An infestation/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    Hillside horror infestation/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    Dangly fruit/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    Weeds as far as the eye can see.../photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    Infesting sagebrush scrub/photo JMR
Bromus tectorum    Crowding out greasewood scrub/photo JMR
Broussonetia papyrifera    Invading tree/photo JMR
Buddleja davidii    Flowers/photo JMR
Buddleja davidii    Leaves/photo JMR
Buddleja davidii    Flower/photo JMR
Buddleja davidii    Foreground plant/photo JMR
Buddleja davidii    In the mist/photo JMR
Butomus umbellatus    Flowers/photo JMR
Butomus umbellatus    Inflorescence I/photo JMR
Butomus umbellatus    Inflorescence II/photo MT
Butomus umbellatus    Streamside/photo MT
Butomus umbellatus    Dense patch/photo MT
Calluna vulgaris    Wetland invasion/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    w/native Cortaderia/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    In tussocks/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    In shrubland/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Alpine/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Among shrubs/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Tall plants/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Clump/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Alpine clump/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Flowers I/photo JMR
Calluna vulgaris    Flowers II/photo JMR
Caragana arborescens    Plant close-up/photo JMR
Caragana arborescens    Branch/photo JMR
Caragana arborescens    Big patch/photo JMR
Cardaria chalapensis    Seductive flowers/photo JMR
Cardaria chalepensis    Bulging fruit/photo JMR
Cardaria chalepensis    Choked field/photo JMR
Cardaria draba    A young nasty beast/photo BAR
Cardaria draba    Wanton floral display/photo BAR
Cardaria draba    Roadside infestation/photo Jerry Asher(*)
Cardaria draba    Mature plant/photo JMR
Cardaria draba    Infested field/photo MT
Cardaria draba    Single plant/photo MT
Carduus nutans    Young flowerhead/photo JMR
Carduus nutans    Flowerhead I/photo JMR
Carduus nutans    Flowerhead II/photo JMR
Carduus nutans    Mature plant I/photo JMR
Carduus nutans    Mature plant II/photo JMR
Carduus nutans    At Grand Tetons I/photo JMR
Carduus nutans    At Grand Tetons II/photo JMR
Carduus pycnocephalus    Flowers/photo JMR
Carduus pycnocephalus    A plant/photo JMR
Carduus pycnocephalus    Setting seed/photo JMR
Carica papaya    Small plant/photo JMR
Carica papaya    Leaves/photo JMR
Carica papaya    Flowers/photo JMR
Carpobrotus chilensis    Flower/photo BAR
Carpobrotus chilensis    Dune infestation/photo BAR
Carpobrotus edulis    Flower/photo BAR
Carpobrotus edulis    Landscape of weeds/photo JMR
Carpobrotus edulis    Patches of yellow native survivors/photo JMR
Carpobrotus sp.    Cliff edge at Big Sur/photo MT
Carpobrotus sp.    Red plants/photo MT
Carpobrotus sp.    More red plants/photo MT
Carpobrotus sp.    Sprawling plant in NZ/photo JMR
Casuarina equisetifolia    A close-up of fruit/photo JMR
Casuarina equisetifolia    A close-up of a male catkin/photo JMR
Casuarina equisetifolia    In a grove of malevolent trees/photo JMR
Casuarina equisetifolia    On a hillside/photo JMR
Casuarina equisetifolia    Big big trees/photo Norma Jean Byrd(*)
Casuarina equisetifolia    Foul forest/photo Norma Jean Byrd(*)
Catalpa bignonioides    Leaves/photo JMR
Catalpa bignonioides    Fruit/photo JMR
Catalpa spp.    Landscape tree/photo JMR
Catharanthus roseus    Two flowers/photo MT
Catharanthus roseus    A plant/photo MT
Catharanthus roseus    Another plant/photo MT
Cayratia japonica    Leaves/photo Mary S. Bowen, LSU(*)
Cayratia japonica    Leaf detail/photo Mary S. Bowen, LSU(*)
Cayratia japonica    Flowers/photo Mary S. Bowen, LSU(*)
Cayratia japonica    Leaf surfaces/photo Justin Thayer, LSU(*)
Cayratia japonica    Invading plants/photo Justin Thayer, LSU(*)
Celastrus orbiculatus    The plant/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Fruit/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Leaves/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Fruiting branches/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Blanketing natives/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Climbing a tree/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Draping a tree/photo JMR
Celastrus orbiculatus    Red fruit/photo JMR
Cenchrus ciliaris    Spikelets/photo JMR
Cenchrus ciliaris    Bunches/photo JMR
Cenchrus ciliaris    In Arizona/photo JMR
Cenchrus ciliaris    More in Arizona/photo JMR
Cenchrus ciliaris    At Uluru I/photo BAR
Cenchrus ciliaris    At Uluru II/photo BAR
Cenchrus ciliaris    At Uluru III/photo BAR

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