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Eastern Invasives Network listserve digest #026

Tue Jul 12 2005 - 10:47:27 PDT

1. Do you want a copy of the CD from the last meeting?
2. Invasive species information needed for NPS
3. Tamarisk control in the southeast
4. Conference in Pennsylvania


1. Do you want a copy of the CD from the last meeting?
From: Barry Rice

If you did not attend EIN meeting #5 in western North Carolina, but would
like a copy of the CD including materials from the meeting, contact me.
Meeting attendees will get a copy automatically. CDs are in the last stages
of creation, and should go out some time in July.


2. Invasive species information needed for NPS
From: Carl Nordman

NatureServe is building a regional GIS to help the National Park Service
better identify and build on opportunities for cooperative management with
other land managing agencies in the southeast. There are three aspects to
this project - biodiversity, recreation and invasive species. I'm now
working on invasives.
The invasive species information that I'm seeking includes:
First priority
-invasive species distributions in the project area (FL, GA, NC, SC, E. TN)
-presence/absence information at the site level (i.e. at a particular
managed area, ranger district, preserve, state park, state forest, etc.)
-detailed distributions of invasive species within sites (mapped point or
polygon data collected in the field, observations on rates of spread) -which
are considered the worst invasive species at the site
Second priority
-details of management activities at the site level (what areas were treated
and when, who did the work, what is their contact information, what were the
results of treatment)

After putting together the GIS data we are seeking, NatureServe will do GIS
analysis and conduct workshops in each state to promote cooperative
management opportunities between the National Park Service and other
agencies. The outcome for the invasive species part of the project should
be improved understanding of the shared challenges and opportunities for
invasive species management between natural resource management agencies.


3. Tamarisk control in the southeast
From: Kristina Serbesoff-King

Does anyone know of control projects for Tamarisk (Tamarix sp., aka
saltcedar) in the southeast?


4. Conference in Pennsylvania
From: Barry Rice

Here is the skinny: 16-17 August, 2005, at the University of Pennsylvania,
cosponsored by the Mid-Atlantic EPPC, Morris Arboretum, and Penn State. $95
for one day, $175 for both days. More information, including a pdf
registration form, can be viewed here:

Updated July 2005
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