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Eastern Invasives Network listserve digest #007

Thu Oct 17 2002 - 16:00:17 PDT

1. Workshop #3 Dates
2. Who wanted the Southern Appalachian Assessment?
3. PDA/Handheld units and custom software interface for weeds


1. Workshop #3 Dates
From: Barry Rice (bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu)

We are finalizing when the third workshop will be held for the Eastern
Invasives Network. We have it narrowed to two periods, either 3-7 March or
10-14 March. If you have a preference, please contact John Randall
(jarandall(at)ucdavis.edu) with your wishes. We will be making our decision
probably within a week so we can try to lock in cheap rates for various
support services, so email John sooner, rather than later.

If you are a focal site leader, it is particularly important we hear from


2. Who wanted the Southern Appalachian Assessment?
From: Barry Rice (bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu)

We have in our somewhat incomplete notes that someone in the discussion
groups at Workshop #2 wanted a copy of the Southern Appalachian
Assessment, but we do not recall who it was.

Who was it?


3. PDA/Handheld units and custom software interface for weeds
From: Mandy Tu (imtu(at)tnc.org)

Eastern Invasives Folks!!

Hello!! It was great to finally meet all of you in person in
Massachusetts! With regard to the TNC/BLM Weed Database: I apologize, as I
was incorrect in stating that this database is now ready for use. The
current status of this database is:

**TNC-Oregon is wrapping-up the testing phase at 7 different sites.

**TNC-Oregon is constantly updating the database, with new GIS/GPS mapping

**TNC-Oregon hopes to release the database and associated tools, for use
ONLY in Oregon for the 2003 field-season.

**TNC-Oregon and the Invasive Species Initiative would like to see the
widespread (TNC-wide plus interested partners) use of these tools within
the next year, but the Oregon Field Office does NOT have the funding to
provide technical support of the database.

**Technical documents for use of the database and PDA/handheld units are
currently available, but a Users Guide is not yet available making the
installation and use of the entire system difficult without hands-on

**TNC Oregon and the Invasive Species Initiative are seeking funds to
support wider use of the database and PDA/handheld units. We are limited
primarily by funding for this project, so if you are interested in
obtaining these products for you to use please talk to your state and
division directors (and others) about supporting this timely and important
project. It can definitely benefit to all of TNC and many of our partners.

Regarding use of the database and associated components...be sure to read
the overview statement first and make sure you understand that TNC-Oregon
CANNOT provide any technical support for the database at this time. We do
not want people to try to install it and become discouraged and then swear
off using the system forever, because installing it and becoming familiar
with all of its components is quite complex.

In the meantime: you-all can still become familiar with the individual
PDA/handheld units, as well as use the Think-DB software to create data
entry forms for the collection of field monitoring data.

If you really want to download a recent version of the database, contact
me and I will provide you with the web url.

I will give updates regarding the development of the Weed Database and
support for more widespread use.

Updated January 2005
©The Nature Conservancy, 2002