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Eastern Invasives Network listserve digest #001

Fri Jan 11 2002 - 10:37:56 PST

1. Welcome to the list!
2. Workshop #2 Dates


1. Welcome to the list!
From: Barry Rice (bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu)

This listserve was created to serve focal site and participating site
staff in the Eastern Invasives Landscape Conservation Network.

To keep the messages concise and relevant, I will compile and send all the
messages in "digest" format, so you will receive at most one listserve
message per week.

Technical matters:
1)Messages to be distributed on the list should be sent to the listserve
email address (easterninvasives(at)ucdavis.edu).
2)Send questions about the list to Barry Rice (bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu)
or John Randall (jarandall(at)ucdavis.edu).
3)Email attachments will slow or disrupt the list. If you have large
files or images you want to share, please send them to Barry and he will
post them on our website where they can be downloaded.
4)Messages to the listserve are archived on the web at


2. Workshop #2 Dates
From: Wendy Fulks (wfulks(at)botany.ufl.edu)

During our recent meeting in Georgia, we tentatively agreed to hold
workshop #2 of the Eastern Invasives Management Network the week of
September 23, 2002, in the Berkshires. The specific dates we are looking
at are Sept. 24-26.

If you are a focal landscape team leader, please respond to Wendy Fulks
(wfulks(at)tnc.org, 352-392-7006) by Jan. 18 to confirm that these dates
will work for your team (or to suggest alternate dates if needed). If you
represent a participating landscape, please contact Wendy by Jan. 18 if
you have a conflict that would prevent you from attending a workshop
Sept. 24-26, 2002.

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