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Global Invasive Species Team listserve digest #145

Fri Apr 21 2006 - 15:34:16 PDT

1. Southern US Invasive Species Working Group (Southeastern region, USA)
2. Animal eradication efforts (Colorado, USA)
3. Firewood forum (Illinois, USA)


1. Southern US Invasive Species Working Group (Southeastern region, USA)
From: Kristina Serbesoff-King (kserbesoffking(at)tnc.org)
An invasive species working group was established in July of 2005 consisting
of one person from each TNC chapter within the Southern US Region. The
purpose of this group was to start increasing the coordination of
information flow and action on the critical threat posed by invasive species
(all taxa) across the Region. Working group members are identified as the
first point of communication for invasive species issues or needs across the
chapters and for the Global Invasive Species Team and Forest Pest and
Pathogens program. Working group members will bring information on policy or
other national priorities to the attention of their Directors of
Science/Stewardship or other appropriate staff for potential action.
We have established a workspace on ConserveOnline. For meeting minutes,
invasive updates, chapter surveys and much, much more go to:


2. Animal eradication efforts (Colorado, USA)
From: Jim Petterson (jpetterson (at) tnc.org)
An effort is underway to identify the range of TNC efforts, past or present,
to control or eradicate vertebrate animals or aquatic species. If you or
your TNC program is involved in control or eradication efforts (providing
funding, technical assistance or hands-on work), please contact me.

3. Firewood forum (Illinois, USA)
From: Katherine Armstrong (karmstrong (at) fs.fed.us)
The USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area invites you, your staff, and your
cooperators to attend an important one day forum on addressing firewood
movement and the role it plays in the spread of invasives. The purpose of
this meeting is to move toward development of consistent messages that will
be useful in changing public behavior in the movement of firewood. The
forum will provide an opportunity to network with your peers and cooperators
in other states and share existing communications products related to this
issue. Featured speakers will have hands-on experience in the spread of
non-native forest insects and diseases, regulatory issues, and
communications and behavioral change.
Please route this announcement to your staff as well as other Divisions,
cooperators, and partners that may benefit from this forum - particularly
those interested in slowing the spread of forest invasives. Some
participants, for example, may include: communications specialists,
marketing and wood utilization specialists, non profit organizations,
educational institutions, state extension agencies, departments of state
parks, tourism, transportation, realtors associations, builders and
contractor associations, private industries such as firewood distributors,
private campgrounds and recreational outfitters.
 To help with our meeting arrangements, please RSVP with your interest by
May 1 to Judy Antipin at: jantipin (at) fs.fed.us.
Registration and hotel information as well as an agenda will be available
shortly thereafter. For more information contact: Judy Antipin
(610)557-4183, Katie Armstrong (810) 844-2714, or Gina Childs (651)
---Alert members of this listserve will realize that introduced pests and
pathogens such as emerald ash borer or Asian longhorned beetle can be
transported in wood supplies. Hence this post's relevance to this

Updated June 2006
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