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Global Invasive Species Team listserve digest #116
Fri May 02 2003 - 16:07:16 PDT

1. Impacts of Invasives PPT online (Global)
2. Kochia prostrata (Utah, USA)
3. Temporary change in listserve operations (Global)


1. Impacts of Invasives PPT online (Global)
From: Barry Rice (bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu)

In a mighty WIST group effort, Tunyalee Martin and I have worked with John
Randall to adapt a fine PowerPoint presentation for distribution. This
presentation is about the impacts of invasive species, and why managing
them is important. We have online versions suitable for LCD projectors,
for burning onto slides, and even a webified version so you can preview
it. All versions are fully documented with notes to help you in your
presentations. Soon we will also be posting a bibliography containing all
the publications cited in the presentations. (Oh yes, in addition to being
compelling, this presentation is well grounded in science!)

Go to our home page (http://tncinvasives.ucdavis.edu) for the link to these
resources. Beware, PowerPoint files are huge, and these presentations are
no exception. You may wish to download them during off-hours, in the
stealth of night, to speed your download speed.

Tell your friends; make this presentation "the one that gets used."


2. Kochia prostrata (Utah, USA)
From: Susan Bellagamba (sbellagamba(at)tnc.org)

I am looking for information about Kochia prostrata. Our NRSC agent
promotes reseeding with this species and the USFS is considering using it,
even if it is a non-native. However, I have heard that is invasive and
not really preferred by cattle. Does anyone know of any studies about
Kochia prostrata?


3. Temporary change in listserve operations (Global)
From: Barry Rice (bamrice(at)ucdavis.edu)

For the next few weeks, I will be on vacation, trying to get killed by
alligators, lightning, and cottonmouths in Okefenokee Swamp (do I know how
to have a romantic honeymoon, or what?). John Randall
(jarandall(at)ucdavis.edu) will be the point person for the listserve in the
meantime. Send your listserve postings to him. I apologize for not being
able to get all the backlogged listserve postings out in this
message---expect them in a listserve digest next week. Later, I'm out of

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