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Global Invasive Species Team listserve digest #004
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:56:17 -0800 (PST)

1. Educational materials
2. Chinese tallow and water hyacinth
3. Burning tallow

1. Educational materials
From: Ellen Jacquart (hankandellen(at)worldnet.att.net)

The Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society, in cooperation with a
number of other interested groups, is planning to develop and disseminate
educational materials on non-native invasive plants in Indiana. At this
time, Indiana has no such materials available. I'm looking for examples of
existing materials in other states, particularly of glossy-type brochures
aimed at the general public. If you have examples you feel would be
useful, please send them to me.

2. Chinese tallow and water hyacinth
From: Richard Martin (rmartin(at)tnc.org)

In Louisiana forested wetlands, we have had excellent results controlling
tallow (relatively small trees to 4 inches dbh) with a 10% solution of Garlon
4, mixed with diesel and Sidekick. The Garlon mixture was applied to basal
stems with backpack sprayers under VERY LOW pressure; collateral damage to
non-target vegetation was negligible. Given the density of tallow in
restoration sites, it is essential to use a dye (several options available).
We treated 75 acres this past summer (some 10,000 individual trees) and
mortality was nearly 100%. We actually created some very nice fall color a
week or so after application. I do not believe that Garlon 4 is registered
for aquatic application, so be sure to apply during dry season.

As for hyacinth, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries only uses 2,
4-D to control that nasty plant. We used the herbicide (requires special
applicators license) to treat extensive areas on our Little Pecan Island
Preserve for several years, with great success. However, the chemical is
costly and application requires a special pump-spray rig to cover large
We stopped using the herbicide once we learned how to control hyacinth with
regulated input of brackish water during low-water periods.


3. Burning tallow
From: Paula Seamon (rxfire(at)tallynet.com)

To be more specific on Carlen Emmanuel's message - they are doing fire x
herbicide control of tallow at TNC's Mad Island Marsh preserve in Texas.

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