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Global Invasive Species Team listserve digest #002
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 16:07:26 -0800 (PST)

1. Altamaha River Exotic Species
2. Book on allelochemical interactions

1. Altamaha River Exotic Species
From: Keith Tassin (ktassin(at)tnc.org)

I am the TNC ecologist for the Altamaha River Bioreserve Project on the
coast of Georgia. I am currently in the process of beginning an
invasive species management plan for the bioreserve. We have not
currently addressed the invasive problem.

Two of the species that we need to focus on first are Chinese tallow tree
(Sapium sebiferum) and water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes). Has anyone
had experience with trying to control tallow tree in a large floodplain
environment. In some areas that were clear-cut in the last ten years
tallow is one of the dominant species. Will it out compete the native
species in the long run and change the composition of the forests along
the Altamaha River? Can we feasibly address this problem in a 137 mile
long -1 to 6 mile wide floodplain?

The second species, water hyacinth is just beginning to be a problem on
the river. It has however increased dramatically in the five years I
have been here. Has anyone ever tried to remove this species by hand in
the early stages or would some type of herbicide be more feasible.

2. Book on allelochemical interactions
From: Ed Wilk

A new book on allelopathy is available titled Principles and Practices in
Plant Ecology --Allelochemical Interactions, by that renowned team of
editors Inderjit, Dakshini, and Foy. CRC Press ISBN 0-8493-2116-6
Due out January 1999. There are allegedly sections on weeds (Foy is listed
as the weed honcho)--$129.95, or steal it from the library and make copies.

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