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Horus Institute Invasives List
Developed by our coworkers at the Horus Institute, this preliminary Brazilian invasive species listing indicates many species known to be invasive in Brazil.
See the Horus list.

Factsheets on Brazilian invasive species (in Portuguese & Spanish)
Click on entries in the species list below to see fact sheets that have have developed by The Horus Institute for Environmental Conservation and Development. You can also read these fact sheets at their web site---their site includes links to photographs not on our versions. 
Note: our nomenclatural authority for Brazilian invasive plant names is W3Tropicos. We do not have a standardized authority for Brazilian invasive animal names.

More documents and photographs of Brazilian invasives
In addition to the Portuguese/Spanish fact sheets, we have other resources (i.e. photographs, Species Management Summaries) for the following species known to be invasive in Brazil. For a more complete list of our invasive species photographs/documents, visit our management library or our photo archives.

About the Horus Institute
Please visit the web site for The Horus Institute for Environmental Conservation and Development web site. The Horus Institute is our reference authority for lists of Brazilian invasive species.

Other site resources

Assessments and regional plans
Assessments of invasive species issues for various operating units in The Nature Conservancy.
Global weed list
An extraordinary database consisting of invasive plant lists, observations, and publications. Look here to learn if a plant has been observed acting as an invader.

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