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Sources of Control Information

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Articles and Reports

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Newsletters and Magazines

Florida Exotic Plant Pest Council. 1996–2002. Wildland weeds. Gainesville, FL. Quarterly.

Web Sites

Alien Plant Database:

Bugwood Network:

California Exotic Plant Pest Council:

Florida Exotic Plant Pest Council:

Southeast Exotic Plant Pest Council:

Southern Weed Science Society:

The Nature Conservancy’s Invasive Species Team’s Control Methods Handbook, Tu, M.; Hurd, C.; Randall, J.M. 2001

USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Federal Noxious Weed Program:

USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station: or

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s National Noxious Weed Program:

Sources of Native Plants

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Plant Materials Program:

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