common pokeweed
Phytolacca americana L.


Phytolacca americana is a perennial herb with big leaves, a reddish trunk and reddish stems that can grow 6-12 ft. (1.8-3.7 m).
Leaves are large, alternately arranged, smooth, elliptical, and range from 5-20 in. (12.7-50.8 cm) in length. The underside of the leaves, the stems, and the veins are a pink color.
Flowers have 5 white to pink rounded sepals that are 0.25 in. (0.64 cm) wide. They are produced in clusters that are 4-8 in. (10.2-20.3 cm) long. The blooming period begins in early spring and continues into early summer.
Fruits are shiny, rounded, 0.25 in. (0.64 cm) wide, deep purple berries each containing one seed. Seeds are black, 0.13 in. (0.32 cm) wide, and lens shaped.
Ecological Threat
Phytolacca americana is native to all U.S. States except Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. It is found in open woods, damp thickets, and roadsides. All parts of this plant are toxic to humans, pets, and livestock.

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   Troublesome or Common weed in one or more crops

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Taxonomic Rank

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Subclass: Caryophyllidae
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Phytolaccaceae
Genus: Phytolacca
Subject: Phytolacca americana L.

Synonyms and Other Names

Other Common Names:
American pokeweed, common pokeweed, inkberry, pigeonberry, poke, pokeberry, pokeweed


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