cuckoo wasps
Chrysis spp. Linnaeus, 1761

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Taxonomic Rank

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Atelocerata
Class: Hexapoda (including Insecta)
Infraclass: Neoptera
Subclass: Pterygota
Order: Hymenoptera
Suborder: Apocrita
Superfamily: Chrysidoidea
Family: Chrysididae
Subfamily: Chrysidinae
Tribe: Chrysidini
Genus: Chrysis


Common Name Reference: Derived from taxonomy / Generic common name

Scientific Name Reference: R.W. Poole and P. Gentili, Nomina Insecta Nearctica. 1996. Nomina insecta nearctica: a checklist of the insects of North America. Vol. 2. Rockville (MD): Entomological Information Services. Available at URL: