Harlan B. Herbert's Images

Harlan B. Herbert was born in 1912 in Santa Clara, California and grew up in Oakland. He was exposed to the outdoors by his parents and was an avid hiker, camper, and wildflower enthusiast. A graduate of Stanford University with degrees in mechanical engineering and Business Administration, Harlan ended up managing a manufacturing plant, but spent his free time in the outdoors. He loved the Sierras and was an early member of the Sierra Club in California. Harlan and his family moved to Lakeland, Florida in 1958 where he soon became a member of the Lake Region Audubon Society (President 1965-1968, 1976-1979). He was a founding member of the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Florida Native Plant Society, and President of the Florida Conservation Foundation in the mid-1970s. Throughout his adult life, Harlan always had a camera with him when he was hiking, canoeing, or birdwatching. After early retirement in 1971, Harlan and his wife, Pat, spent part of each year traveling in their VW camper to beautiful wild places in all 50 U.S. States and many of the Canadian provinces. He generally took slide photographs and specialized in wildflower photographs, several of which won awards. He died in 1993, but it took 20 years before one of his children retired and had the time to scan some of his wildflower slides to make the collection of images shared here.

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