Vern Wilkins's Images

Title: Naturalist/Photographer
Organization: Indiana University
Country: United States

I currently work as an IT Manager at Indiana University.  I'm also a photographer, birder, naturalist, ecosystem manager ...  My resume and photo gallery are on my website and I'm always looking for an interesting new job, contract work, etc.  High resolution photos are available upon request. 

If you are unsure about whether your request is considered commercial, please email me or submit a commercial request with details of usage.  Selling anything with my photos is commercial use, even if you are a non-profit or educational organization.  This system does not email me information about educational/non-profit requests, which do not require approval, so if you have a special request, please email me separately or submit a commercial request.  Additionally, I would very much appreciate a sample with the use of my photos when possible.