Richard Floyd's Images

Title: Owner

I have retired from a large utility company. Photography and videography have been a hobby for me for years. I have videotaped over 300 weddings as a videographer. Although my full time job was technical writing, I did a lot of photography for the manuals, and documentation for the company.

In addition to I have another website, which is a retail type site I maintain.

As a photographer, I have over 10,000 images of family, friends, senior photos, church photos, flowers, wildlife, and event photos posted online (on my photo gallery link). I checked my PC recently, and found that I have over 19,000 digital images... That is in addition of all the old wedding images, and other photography and video I have done over the years (all which need to be scanned and put on DVD).

In addition to photography, I offer website design, commercial video work, editing, converting tapes to DVD's, custom video titles, and technical writing services. So I stay pretty busy as a retiree.

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