Gary Alpert's Images

Title: Entomologist
Unit: Environmental Health & Safety

I have been the entomologist for Harvard University for the last 25 years. I initiated an urban IPM program around 1981 and developed an expertise in museum, library, research, food service, housing and general urban pest control using IPM technology. My Ph.D. in Biology was from Harvard University in 1981 and after controlling the Pharaoh's ant with juvenile hormone (worked with Carol Williams), as a graduate student, Harvard University created a position for me as an entomologist for the university. During the last 25 years I have also worked "on the side" as a consultant for the US Military, EPA, World Bank, and many other institutions. My specific area of expertise is social insects, especially ants. For the last decade I have been working to improve images of insects and urban pests for educational purposes. I have a fully automated Automonatage system at the Museum of Comparative Zoology and I am working as an adjunct faculty member at U Mass Boston to create electronic field guides. Through a grant, I have a Cannon 20D digital camera with 65 mm macro lens for field photos.

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