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Title: Director, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
Unit: Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology

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Karen L. Snover-Clift has been the Director of the Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic of the Department of Plant Pathology at Cornell University since July of 1998 and the Associate Director of the Northeast Plant Diagnostic Network (NEPDN) since November of 2002. Karen’s extension teaching programs are geared toward audiences that include Master Gardeners, Extension Educators, other green industry members, and students. They focus on basic plant pathology, plant disease diagnostics, plant biosecurity, and the operation of the NEPDN. She is responsible for overseeing the diagnosis of plant diseases on a wide range of host plants such as woody ornamentals, herbaceous plants, fruits, vegetables, turfgrasses, and field crops, as well as conducting large scale surveys searching for harmful, introduced pathogens of high concern. NEPDN duties include supporting the overall mission of providing detection of a possible bioterrorist attack or accidental introduction of harmful pathogens on the nation’s natural and agriculture systems and maintaining a regional center capable of supporting the diagnostic needs of 12 northeastern states. As program area manager of the NPDN diagnostics committee, Karen provides leadership in the creation of Standard Operating Procedures, coordination of highly sophisticated identification procedures, training events, and maintaining active communications of significant events.

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