Natalie Hummel's Images

Title: Assistant Professor - Extension
Unit: Department of Entomology

My responsibilities include the development and implementation of educational programs related to integrated pest management in rice, citrus, pecans and small fruits. I also have responsibilities in water quality issues as they relate to pesticide use in agricultural systems. My program has the goal of developing cost effective and environmentally sound methods of insect management in the above listed crops. I also identify pest species, develop integrated pest management guidelines and assist field agents with educational programs for rice, citrus, pecan and small fruit producers. I cooperate with federal and state agencies, researchers, agents and producers to establish demonstration projects and provide pesticide applicator training. I also work with the pesticide industry and agricultural consultants to promote recommended integrated pest management (IPM) practices. I deliver educational programs through various forms of media including field day presentations, workshops, farm visits, Web sites, e-mails, phone calls, newsletters and bulletins.

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