Bruce Watt's Images

Title: Plant Diagnostician

Having received my graduate degrees working with Beauveria and Nosema, I found myself employed as a plant diagnostician. Confronted by a lack of resources, especially for the identification of fungi, it occurred to me that the next diagnostician might appreciate a photographic record of past samples. With the advent of digital imaging, this task has become much simpler. Funding through the NPDN enabled the purchase of an Olympus BX51 microscope with DIC and a DP-70 camera with which most of the micrographs have been taken. Almost all the slide mounts of fungi were prepared freehand directly from host material using a razor blade, straight edge, tape mount, or by simply picking material off with a pin. I have endeavored to be accurate in my identifications but would appreciate any corrections. All the images I have uploaded to the Bugwood database are of organisms from Maine. These images represent an observational record and although many represent host-pathogen relationships, pathogenicity should not always be assumed.

Image subid Scientific Name Common Name Autid photographer Org Baseimgurl landscape Description